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EPN University Library in Ecuador

2 Jun 2020

EPN Library in Quito

Architecture: Ordonez Arquitectos

Location: Av. Ladrón de Guevara 253, Quito 170517, Ecuador, South America

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
The building stands out through the precise use of geometry, expressing an exo-structure formed by a diamond pattern in the skin. Sequential double-height spaces of the reading areas flow along a strip of glass expressed on the pattern.

EPN is a leading research university in the engineering fields, despite its successful research record, the university suffers the lack of cohesion among the students of different faculties. Each faculty operates now its library, having 8 separate units.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
The atrium, a social hub for the informal meeting area for the students. A vibrant source of natural illumination and ventilation, compartmented, and inserted in the volume.

The main objective with the EPN University Library the building is to group all these in one building to transform this main library into a social hub, a place for student’s social and academic interaction. The program includes a research center, multi-function room and a cafeteria with a green rooftop to boost social activities. This building, mentored by the chancellor and self-funded by the university aims to become a landmark on the campus, a referent of efficiency in terms of structural and energy performance, an inspirational example for all future engineers.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
The interface of the building and the surrounding restored green areas.

Geometry and structure meet to drive aesthetics, efficiency, and space The dynamic of the contemporary library is under constant change, where maximum flexibility is almost compulsory, and non-deterministic areas must be placed. This building is a spatial exploration conducted by a strict geometry, where the relationship between structure, facade, and space keeps a direct dialogue.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
Facade openings facing north and south minimize solar radiance.

A six-story volume with a central void surrounded by open-plan floors vertically interconnected throughout a sequence of double-height spaces scattered along the building, multiple floors connected. EPN library is a building immersed in a consolidated campus, sits in the area of an existing parking lot. The projected building occupies a smaller footprint releasing space for new green areas, on the ground floor a 20% of the building’s footprint is open for pedestrian connections.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
Open reading area, south side

Transferability and innovation through a standing example on campus As a library for engineering students, the architecture of this building conceived to become a groundbreaking referent for future generations for EPN engineers, showing an innovative way of structure and architecture working together. The building, designed without vertical columns and traditional structural frames, instead, there is an exo-structure formed by a diamond pattern in the skin, serving both: supporting vertical loads and as seismic bracing, engineered to protect the building from the common earthquakes occurring in the country.

The skin is combined with two internal cores completely liberate the floor plate, with no internal columns, giving maximum flexibility on the way space can be occupied. The structure is intentionally exposed and use its pattern as a facade template.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
Spatial fluidity, sequential internal double height connections

Latitude 0°, taking given resources of the geographic location to enhance the performance The library will be the first LEED-certified building on the campus following standards for high sustainable performance. The architecture offers a sensible response to the specific conditions for a building located at latitude 0° requires, beyond the incorporation of green construction practices and technologies such as rainwater harvesting in the green rooftop terrace, gray water system, photovoltaic panels among others.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
Atrium Section

The design based on passive cooling and solar principles address the particular conditions of the equator, enhancing the economy of energetic resources. The floor plate formed by a central atrium wrapped up by a glazed ring containing library areas, the naturally ventilated atrium is the source of fresh air and controlled sunlight for the surrounding bookshelves areas.

EPN University Library Quito Ecuador
Atrium Section, passive cooling

EPN Library, Quito, Ecuador – Building Information

Architecture: Ordonez Arquitectos

Client: EPN-Tech
Architects: Diego Ordonez, Lucia Vasconez, Jose Ordonez

Site area: 2840.00 sqm
Gross Floor area: 8451.00 sqm
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Status: Planning completed
Project start date: 2021
Cost: 7.605.000 USD
Collaborators: Roberto Banderas, Betsabe Penaherrera

Address: Av. Ladrón de Guevara 253, Quito 170517
Latitude: -0,210355 Longitude: -78,4897413
Elevation: 2807 masl
Footprint area: 1240.00 sqm
Building height: 30.00 m
Building depth: 4.15 m

Further relevant key figures The library is designed to accommodate 1319 visitors and initially will store 57.000 documents, with a projected capacity for 118.000 documents.

Visualizations: SOMA studio

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Location: Quito, Ecuador

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