Benetton Concept Shop in the Middle East

Benetton Concept Shop in the Middle East, Architecture News, Retail Building Images

Benetton Concept Shop in Middle East

New MENA Architectural Development design by Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd

22 Mar 2016

Benetton Concept Shop

Design: Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd

Location: the Middle East

United in Colors

Benetton Concept Shop

The project is a chance to create an intense and relevant design in the Middle East while linking and incorporating the world of fashion and Architecture. The project furthermore deals with different aspects present in today’s architectural discourse: from the creation of a collective and integrated space within the city fabric, to that of the use of eco-sustainable building materials.

Benetton Concept Shop

Not only does it create a collective cross-cultural urban space therefore personifying the Benetton brand, but the building elements are a true manifestation of Benetton’s corporate identity. A composition of colourful, dynamic fragments that suggests a loose connection that allows for individual interpretation.

Through this ‘family of coloured elements’ it hints at a spatial organization which generates fluid spaces. Like a conceptual Mashrabiya or veil, it conveys an atmosphere that creates an original space that through a ‘transparent barrier’ is both public and private, allowing therefore life and light to percolate from one space to another.

Benetton Concept Shop

It is especially this connection and dialogue between the interior and exterior, together with a dynamic and creative interior space that personify the sense of openness and ideology behind the Benetton Brand. The resulting architecture is one that at night is not just simply light filled voids, but a beckon that reaches out and becomes even more present in the city.

Benetton Concept Shop

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