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Solar Photovoltaic Panels : Research & Development in UAE – by Atkins

19 Feb 2008

Middle East Renewable Energy Research

Atkins pioneers Middle East renewable energy research

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Design and engineering consultancy Atkins is undertaking pioneering research and development in the Middle East to investigate the performance of Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV).

Demand for alternative sources of energy are increasing across the world but there is still limited available data on the effectiveness of these technologies.

Atkins’ team of sustainability experts, architects and LEED accredited professionals – led by architect Ronak Gawarwala – have set up a solar panel test rig in Dubai to measure a variety of climatic factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust collection and wind speeds, which cannot be simultaneously assembled via practical lab tests or theoretical satellite readings.

“We believe this is the first research of its kind in the region*,” says Ronak. “The Middle East currently lacks verifiable data on how solar panels of different technologies perform in this climate under different orientations and cleaning regimes. This will compare the relative commercial value in the long run.”
APReS (Atkins Photovoltaic Research Station)

“We hope to understand the efficiency and performance of the solar panels in local conditions, as we will be simulating various applications on a building, for example if used as a façade or sun shade in a north or south facing direction.”

In cooperation with a number of well known PV panel technologists and manufacturers, the data will be collected and analysed in detail over a 12 month period. The conclusions will then be ratified and presented in a technical paper to be published by Atkins and the British University in Dubai (BUiD). Atkins will also use the findings to make calculated recommendations to existing and potential clients

Ronak add: “Our data will also be collected in time to be able to make recommendations and implement this technology in key projects such as The Lighthouse and the Dubai Promenade, where the client is very determined to achieve a high sustainability rating for the building.”

* Differs from research currently being undertaken in the Middle East in that this is specifically targeted for building application, as opposed to industrial applications (power plants etc); Atkins test rig will be placed at height and will mimic the gamut of orientations, mirroring real life building related scenarios.

Middle East renewable energy research : Atkins

Location: Dubai

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