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Middle East Architecture : Buildings

Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in Asia

post updated 18 October 2021


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Architecture in the Middle East

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Middle East Architecture. We cover completed Middle East buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and design competitions. The focus is on contemporary Middle Eastern buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

We have 2 pages of Middle East Architecture selections.

Middle East Architecture : A-R (this page)

Middle East Buildings : S-Z

Middle East Architecture News arranged chronologically:

Benetton Concept Shop
Design: Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd
Middle East Benetton Concept Shop
image from architects
Middle East Benetton Concept Shop – 22 Mar 2016
The project is a chance to create an intense and relevant design in the Middle East while linking and incorporating the world of fashion and Architecture. The project furthermore deals with different aspects present in today’s architectural discourse.

Guardians of Time Dubai, UAE
Design: Manfred Kielnhofer
Middle East Architecture - Guardians of Time Art Dubai 2013 Installation
image from designer
“The Guardians of Time” are sculptures created by Manfred Kielnhofer from Austria. The story behind these mystique illuminated creatures is about observing and protecting the world. “The Guardians” appear worldwide at historically important places and the community of international photographers following them gets bigger every day.

The Valley City, between Doha + Al Khor, Qatar
Design: MZ Architects
Middle East Architecture - The Valley City Qatar
image from architect
Located on a 3 million-sqm plot in the heart of the desert, between the historic cities of Doha and Al Khor the VCQ is envisioned as a modern city designed to attract middle-income Qatari citizens as well as expatriates and their families from all over the world.

HIA Airport City, Doha, Qatar
Architects: OMA
Airport City Building Doha
image from architect
Rem Koolhaas commented “We are delighted and honored to participate in the exciting growth of Doha, in a project that is perhaps the first serious effort anywhere in the world to interface between an international airport and the city it serves.” Partner-in-charge Iyad Alsaka commented “Doha’s Airport City is an important addition to the realization of OMA’s work in urbanism and will incorporate unprecedented transport planning opportunities; we look forward to collaborating with the HIA to meet the objectives of this ambitious project.”

Bu El Qubeb & Ahmed Bin Ali Markets, Doha, Qatar
Design: SAMOO Architects & Engineers
Middle East Architecture - Doha Buildings
image from architect office
This project is located in the historical district of old Doha on the northeastern intersection of Grand Hammad Street and Ali Bin Abdulla Street. Bu El Qubeb Mosques have been recently restored on the site in order to preserve its traditional style. The goal of this project was to reinterpret the meaning of these traditional buildings, and to provide a solution for it to coexist in the urban fabric.

British Embassy Sana’a, Yemen – added 6 Mar 2013
Architects: Design Engine
British Embassy Building Yemen
photograph © Peter Cook
British Embassy Sana’a
The British Embassy in Sana’a was one of the first embassies to be built following the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s review of security of their overseas network, which was prompted by the threat from international terrorism to Britain’s diplomatic missions around the world. The Embassy building is located to the north-east of the city centre in an area destined to become a new diplomatic district.

Middle East Architecture – Israel Selection

Key Middle East Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Peace Peres House, Jaffa
Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Architects
Peace Peres House Jaffa
image : Archivio Fuksas
Peace Peres House Jaffa

Rosso Restaurant, Ramat Ishay
SO Architecture
Middle East Architecture - Rosso Restaurant Israel
photograph : Asaf Oren
Rosso restaurant Israel

Umm el-Fahem Museum Contemporary Art
SO Architecture
Umm el-Fahem Museum for Contemporary Art
image from architect firm
Umm el-Fahem Museum Building

Yehiam Memorial, Kibbutz Yechiam
SO Architecture
Middle East Architecture - Yehiam Memorial
photo : Asaf Oren, SO Architecture
Yehiam Memorial, north of Israel

Israel Buildings

Middle East Architecture Developments – Jordan Selection

Jordanian Buildings arranged alphabetically:

King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art
Zaha Hadid Architects
King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art
building image from Zaha Hadid
King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art

‘Living Wall’ project, Amman
Foster + Partners
Middle East Architecture - Living Wall project
image © Foster + Partners
Living Wall buildings

Petra Visitors’ Centre, Arabah
Edward Cullinan Architects
Petra Visitor Centre
picture from architect
Petra building

Queen Alia International Airport, Amman
Foster + Partners
Queen Alia International Airport
picture © Foster + Partners
Queen Alia International Airport

Jordan Buildings

Middle East Architecture Designs – Kuwait Selection

Kuwaiti Buildings arranged alphabetically:

Al Hamra Firdous Tower, Kuwait City
SOM Architects
Kuwait City Tower
image © Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Kuwait City Tower

Al Sharq Tower Building
Architects: Atkins
Al Sharq Tower
picture : Atkins
Al Sharq Tower

The Avenues, Kuwait City
Middle East Architecture - The Avenues
picture from architect
The Avenues

City of Silk, Subbiya, Kuwait Bay
Eric Kuhne & Associates
City of Silk Kuwait
picture from architect
City of Silk : waterfront development

Kuwait Buildings

Architectural Developments – Lebanon Selection

Lebanese Buildings arranged alphabetically:

486 Mina El Hosn, Beirut
LAN Architecture
486 Mina El Hosn Beirut
picture from architects studio
486 Mina El Hosn

Dakota apartments, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Turner Associates
Middle East Architecture - Beirut Housing
image from architects office
Beirut Apartments

The House of Arts and Culture, Beirut
Architecture Contest
Lebanese Architecture Competition Entry
picture from architect practice
Lebanese Architecture Competition

Marina Towers, Beirut
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Marina Towers Beirut
building photo © Solidere
Marina Towers Lebanon

Lebanese Buildings

Middle East Architectural Designs – Oman Selection

Omani Buildings arranged alphabetically:

Al Madina Al Zarqa – The Blue City, Muscat
Architects: Foster + Partners
Middle East Architecture - Al Madina Al Zarqa
image : Foster + Partners
Al Madina Al Zarqa

Mutrah Fishmarket Building, Muscat
Mutrah Fishmarket
image from architect
Mutrah Fishmarket

The Wave, Muscat
Design: various architects
Middle East Architecture - The Wave Oman
image from architecture practice
The Wave Muscat

Yiti Resort & Spa Yiti
RMJM Architects
Yiti Resort Oman
image from architect
Yiti Resort Oman

Oman Buildings

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Glass Facades
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