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Burj al Arab Dubai Hotel

Luxury Hotel by Jumeirah: 5 Star Waterfront Accommodation Development – Iconic UAE Architecture

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Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Date built: 1999
Design: Atkins
Building height: 321m

Burj al Arab Dubai
image : Jumeirah

Star Rating: Titled ‘seven-star hotel’: 5 Star Deluxe
Hotel operator: Jumeirah

The Burj al Arab is the World’s tallest hotel

Jumeirah Beach Resort
– Burj al Arab
– Wild Wadi Aqua Park
– Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Resort

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The crowning glory is the Burj al Arab (Arabian Tower) completed in October 1999 and officially opened on 1st December 1999. This extraordinary 321m tower is entirely unique in design, fulfiling the clients brief for a landmark building in Dubai. The Burj al Arab looks set to take its place amongst the likes of Sydney Opera House & the Eiffel Tower as symbols of their countries.

This iconic tower is the 15th tallest building in the world, and the tallest single structure hotel, standing 300m out to sea on a man-made island, it has taken design and technology forward into the next millennium. Designed in the shape of a giant sail on a triangular plan the Burj al Arab Hotel is stunning in its simplicity and clarity. The Burj al Arab tower is already being covered in international media throughout the world, forming a backdrop for international events such as the powerboating World Championships.

Burj al Arab Dubai
image : Jumeirah

The Wild Wadi Aquapark, on the same site, is a fully themed Arabic water park with some of the latest rides, slides and gismos in the entertainment industry. Opened in July 1999 is thrilling locals and visitors alike.

With these astounding results, even before the opening of the tower we feel that through our design and technical expertise creating this resort has led it to achieve a place on the International Tourist and Business map.

Burj al Arab Tower Dubai
image : Jumeirah

Jumeirah Beach Resort was a phased development in three distinct parts:-

1) Jumeirah Beach Hotel

2) The Wild Wadi Aquapark

3) The Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab in Dubai : further information

Burj al Arab Dubai Hotel
image : Jumeirah

Burj al Arab Hotel

This iconic UAE building is a super luxury 7 star All Suite hotel accommodating 202 No. 1, 2, 3 bedroom suites. Currently the tallest hotel in the world, 28 no. double storey floors, 321m high built on a man-made landscape island of the Jumeirah coastline. Full height atriums are enclosed by Teflon woven glass fibre curved walls. The Burj al Arab hotel offers 3 No. richly decorated restaurants, a 27th floor Skyview Restaurant and a 1st floor All Day Dining Restaurant and an Underwater Restaurant housing a high density of indigenous fish in 1150m³ in 3 No. Reef Aquariums accessible only via a submarine styled ride. With state-of-the-art technology for guest interfaces, this hotel was designed to establish a world landmark and the ultimate in service.

Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai Luxury Hotel in Dubai Atrium Luxury Hotel in Dubai, UAE Burj al Arab Photo
photos from Atkins

The Arabian Tower

The Arabian Tower
The Arabian Tower forms the main focus of the Jumeirah Beach Resort in UAE.

Structure + Design:
The Arabian Tower is a stunning Hotel built in the shape of a modern yacht sail to reflect Dubai’s seafaring heritage combined with a modern aspect moving forwards into the future. It is hoped that the unique shape of the building will make it stand out amongst world structures and allow it to become an icon for the developing Dubai. The tower design continues the nautical theme created by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel that is built in the form of a breaking wave.

The Arabian Tower Dubai The Arabian Tower Building Dubai Dubai Hotel Building Dubai Hotel Tower
pictures : Jumeirah

The Arabian Tower is 321 metres high and is the tallest stand-alone hotel structure in the world.
The tower is built 290 metres out to sea on a triangular, man-made, landscaped island with sides of 150 m in length built off the sea bed in 7.5 metres of open sea.

The gross area of the tower is 1.2 million square feet with 28 double height space floors, each floor is 7m high.
The island itself is linked to the mainland by a slender, gently curving road bridge, the outer most tip of the island is almost 450 metres offshore.

The island is protected by special hollow concrete armour units. The units present a perforated sloping surface to the sea that absorbs the impact of the waves without throwing water onto the island.

The mainly in-situ concrete structure of the tower building, with exposed diagonal steel wind bracing, is triangular in plan founded on 250 concrete piles which penetrate the sea floor to a depth of more than 40 metres.

Burj al Arab Luxury Hotel in Dubai interior
photograph © Adrian Welch

The accommodation wings enclose two sides of a huge triangular atrium that runs up the full height of the accommodation floors. The third side, facing the shore, is enclosed by a double skinned, Teflon coated woven glass fibre screen; the first time such technology has been used vertically in this form or to this extent.

State of the art technology for guest interfaces and operational systems.
Communication facilities at the hotel range from digital telephone, inter-active TV, internet and video conferencing.
Fitted with some of the fastest lifts in the world, the service lifts travel at a speed of 4 metres per second, whilst the panoramic lifts travel at a speed of 5 metres per second and the guest elevator at 7 metres per second.

Dicroyic lights illuminating the exterior of the tower in varying colours throughout the night.
Where the bridge meets the island a animated display of water and fire greets the guest.

Famous Dubai Hotel Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai
images from Atkins

Burj al Arab Building Information

The Burj al Arab Jumeirah atrium is set to be the tallest atrium in the world at 182 metres high, soaring up the centre of the ‘sail’, with a sumptuous health suite on the 18th floor and grand ballroom on top.

Burj al Arab Rooms

202 duplex suites with a mixture of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms with floor areas of between 169m sq. (1 Bed) to 780m sq. (3 bed Grande).
142, 1 bed 18, 1 bed end suite 4, 1 bed deluxe 28, 2 bed 6, 3 bed 2, 3 bed special 2, 3 bed grand (whole top floor)

Dubai hotel lighting interior
photo © Adrian Welch


Burj al Arab Restaurants

– Al Mahara Seafood Undersea Restaurant
An undersea world experience incorporating more than 1000 cubic meters of sea water with large select specimens of rays, sand tiger sharks, or reef sharks, giant grouper, potatoe cod, jew fish and tropical species. Guests will be treated to a truly memorable and exciting experience as they approach this undersea restaurant

– Al Muntaha Skyview Restaurant – 27th Floor
The Burj al Arab skyview restaurant is situated 200 metres above the sea and cantilevers 25 metres from the main hotel structure. An elegant fine dining restaurant seating approximately 110 guests with dancing and a cocktail lounge affording magnificent panoramic views over Dubai and beyond.

– Al Iwan Seaview Restaurant – 1st Floor
A 24 hour luxury lobby lounge and restaurant with views of the Arabian Gulf

7 July 2019
Burj al Arab luxury hotel pictures from 2019 – photos © Adrian Welch:

Luxury Hotel in UAE reception interior

Dubai luxury hotel UAE

Luxury Hotel UAE restaurant interior Burj al Arab Dubai hotel tower

Dubai hotel interior atrium

Banqueting & Conference Centre

A fully equipped conference centre and banqueting facilities will be available for up to 200 guests.

They have stairlifts installed for the elderly

Health Club

State of the art equipment and luxurious facilities for relaxation and exercising will be installed in the Health Suite. Separate facilities include swimming pools for ladies and men as well as mixed bathing. A separate gentleman’s club includes Snooker and Billiard Tables.

Atkins architect of this iconic UAE hotel building

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