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Zhiwai Office in Nanjing China

1 Dec 2022

Architects: DSArchstudios

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Zhiwai Office Nanjing China

Photos: STUDIO TEN / Tan Xiao

Zhiwai Office, China

The Zhiwai project is a unique presence that meets the needs of everyday office space functions, while also infusing vitality into the urban community.

Zhiwai Office Nanjing China Zhiwai Office Nanjing

Located in Nanjing Artist Workshop in China, Zhiwai creates a new kind of work-life balance in the commercial area. The designer uses height differences between the original building and the new elements to surround a sunken hub for rest and socializing — the rooftop garden. The space is an extension area of the indoor office space, used to express the designer’s personality and specific spatial attributes, while inadvertently providing a great place for the city to relax.

Zhiwai Office Nanjing

With the height difference of the site, the “bridge”appears at a certain angle, acting as a medium of transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Walking along the “bridge”, people pass an open bar area and pass through the door to reach a corridor that connects the various internal functional spaces. To define the difference in space, two new irregular boxes have been placed on the original building frame by the designer to ensure that the living room area protrudes from the building’s exterior wall. The bar area is composed of eaves, exterior corridors, and semi-open enclosures, combining to form a soft visual entrance.

Zhiwai Office Nanjing Zhiwai Office Nanjing China

The bar area connects the interior and exterior in the form of a functional complement, accommodating after-work breaks, daily gatherings, and group celebrations. With the appropriate facade opening towards the terrace, the view from near to far outlines the city skyline and gradually becomes discernible.

Zhiwai Office China

The design of the living room facade window provides a glimpse of the city landscape, while also leveraging the dynamic light and shadows of the outdoor water to its fullest, thus eliminating the necessity of its physical presence. Due to height differences, the prominent living room creates an overhanging structural form, thus forming an intimate relationship between interior and exterior.

Zhiwai Office China

The square-shaped facade includes a diagonal section, which intentionally forms an angle echo with the “bridge” road at the entrance, connecting the spaces and increasing interest by ensuring that the window can see the “bridge”, and the “bridge” can see the window. The circular window openings transform light into columns, with tremendous light and shadows wandering along the ground and wall, rendering the lines of the space three-dimensional and transforming the interior into a “container of light”.

Zhiwai Office China

To reflect the space’s comfortable atmosphere and vitality, and to be suitable for intimate gatherings, the overall palette is skin tone. As the hub of the space, with a random placement of furniture and free furnishings of utensils, the living room displays aesthetic taste and self-consistent ways of getting along with the world.

Zhiwai is a romantic space that cannot be defined purely in terms of a commercial office. Instead, it is an exploration of an alternative possibility for office space guided by a principle of “work, rather than follow a routine”, with presentations of the essence and meaning of life. And as night sets in, the space transforms into a completely different scene.

Zhiwai Office China

Zhiwai Office in Nanjing, China – Building Information

Design Firm: DSArchstudios – https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/mc-R4Gw02Y25ewCi0f33Rw

Project Name: Zhiwai
Project Location: Nanjing
Construction Scale: 260sqm
Design Company: DSArchstudios
Creative Design: Haiyang Jin
Participatory Design: Wang Jing, Xu Yue
Execution Deepening: Wang Zhongming, Wang Shengqiankun

Zhiwai Office Nanjing

About DSArchstudios
DSArchstudios is located in Nanjing, China, and was founded by Haiyang Jin in 2013. The firm specializes in architectural consulting, landscape planning, space design, and contemporary scene creation. Since its founding, the company has adhered to ‘creation’ at its core, leveraging its unique creative ability to address differing needs of humanity, life, business, and branding. At the same time, through in-depth communication and collaboration with leaders and brands in culture, art, business strategy, and other industries, the firm’s design thinking and dimension reflect current urban life in more comprehensive ways. To date, the firm has gained widespread acclaim for its role in the fields of real estate, commercial office space, culture, and art in Nanjing, China.

Zhiwai Office Nanjing China

Photography: STUDIO TEN / Tan Xiao

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Location: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

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