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Radisson Collection Resort in Nanjing

29 Oct 2020

Radisson Collection Resort


Location: Nanjing, China

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

LWK + PARTNERS reveals interior design of Radisson Collection Resort, Nanjing

Interior spaces are a medium of cultural inheritance. Generations after generations, local wisdom has been passed on through design in everyday life. LWK + PARTNERS recently designed the interiors of Radisson Collection Resort, Nanjing in China, fusing modern hospitality with fine Chinese artisanship through a contemporary depiction of the famous local weaving tradition called Yunjin (meaning ‘cloud brocade’).

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

The low-rise resort complex consists of 151 deluxe guest rooms and suites, accompanied by comprehensive amenities like a lobby bar, all-day dining restaurant, Chinese restaurant, executive lounge, function rooms, meeting rooms, a fitness centre, swimming pool and spa.

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

Discerning lifestyle
Nanjing’s Yunjin is a class of silk garments that is among the top in Chinese history, named after the clouds (‘yun’) for their extensively variegated patterns. The craftmanship of making Yunjin has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Rather than a flamboyant show of elaborate clothing patterns, the LWK + PARTNERS Interior Design Team opts for a subdued approach, highlighting a raw sense of tactility through low-chroma materials, inspired by a craftsperson’s pursuit of refined texture, colours and form.

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

The hotel interiors make connections with its exterior architecture, which features the fluidity of nature. The entrance lobby features a wall inspired by silk threads used to make Yunjin fabric, fashioned in the form of dynamic waves working in harmony with the linear architectural theme. Such elements find agreement with one another in a world where human coexists with nature.

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

Understated luxury in the details
From interior finishing to furniture and decoration, the space is full of delightful design details, all set for the future guests to discover, right from the moment they step inside.

Yunjin is made by weaving silk threads with the famous wooden jacquard machine – a complicated manual process yet to be replaced using modern machinery, and elements of which are incorporated into design details for public areas. The ceilings, for example, are fitted with timber battens to mimic components of the jacquard machine, or undulating structures corresponding to ruffled silk. The intricate dynamics of interweaving threads have inspired decorative lattices for fenestrations, while the ample use of marble and wood in dining spaces creates a natural touch.

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

The overall theme continues into the guest rooms, with bright hues and palettes of elegant colours speaking for understated luxury. Bathroom glass screens are finished in jacquard patterns, while auspicious Chinese motifs adorn the wall fabric. These design elements are soothing to the eyes, and invoke ancient textile production and the classic extravagance associated with fine silk.

LWK + PARTNERS understands the importance of genius loci in hospitality design. The interiors of Radisson Collection Resort, Nanjing harnesses local history and connoisseurship to tell a story of people living in harmony with nature, creating a culturally enlightening experience of staying in a luxury hotel.

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing

Radisson Collection Resort in Nanjing, China – Building Information

Location: Nanjing, China
Site Area: 24,600 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 34,646 sqm

Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing



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Location: Nanjing, China

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