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Keeler Court Apartments in San Diego

Dec 11, 2023

Architecture: BNIM

Location: San Diego, Southern California, USA

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego California

Photos by Chipper Hatter

Keeler Court Apartments, California, USA

The Keeler Court Apartments create affordable, sustainable design solutions for the Southcrest neighborhood of San Diego. Fulfilling a great need for housing in this area, the Keeler Court Apartments will provide 71 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment homes for families and individuals earning 30-60 percent of the area median income.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego

Seven of these units will be reserved for formerly unhoused veterans, in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, HUD, and the San Diego Housing Commission.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego California

With its warm color palette, inviting landscape, and contemporary design, Keeler Court Apartments demonstrate how affordable apartment communities can be beautiful and integrate-well with the surrounding community. The site is immediately adjacent to many amenities and community resources, offering enhanced community connectivity, walkability, and bikeability for residents.

Keeler Court Apartments California

Nearby amenities include a grocery store, pharmacy, retail, a local elementary school within 5-minute walking distance, and the adjacent Southcrest Park and Recreation Center. In addition, the Keeler Court Apartments are within a 10-minute walk to public transit, for which tenants will have access to subsidized bus passes.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego California

Partnering with Community HousingWorks (CHW), the design team focused on establishing a connected community within the Keeler Court Apartments and setting residents up for success. CHW is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the San Diego area and California for over 30 years, providing affordable housing for families and individuals as well as several resident programs that contribute to resident empowerment, financial wellness, health and well-being, and children’s academic needs.

Keeler Court Apartments California

CHW has helped more than 9,000 working families, children, and seniors in California through the organization’s initiatives.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego California

The Keeler Court Apartments are designed as two four-story buildings connected by exterior pedestrian bridges that serve as focal points of the project overlooking the San Diego Bay. The design is situated around a community courtyard which functions as a hub for activity and the central heart of the Keeler Court Apartments. This space invites residents to connect and enjoy views of downtown San Diego. Looking out onto the courtyard, Keeler Court Apartment’s community room and kitchen accommodate residents’ small gatherings, birthday celebrations, and other activities. Additional site amenities include a community garden where residents can grow their own fruits and vegetables, a children’s play area, and barbeque/picnic area, as well as a laundry room, computer room, and bicycle storage.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego

The design is registered to achieve Greenpoint Platinum certification, the highest level of sustainability. PV panels and a solar hot water system installed on the apartment rooftops are predicted to generate approximately 45 percent of the renewable energy for the site. Sustainable strategies are incorporated throughout the site including stormwater retention, no or low VOC materials, low-flow water fixtures in apartments, and cool roof insulation to simultaneously lower energy and water consumption of the site while reducing utility costs for residents. With its close proximity to the San Diego Bay, Keeler Court Apartments also leverage the natural airflow and ample daylight provided by the surrounding environment in features such as the exterior pedestrian bridges, light wells along outdoor corridors, apartment balconies, and operable windows.

Keeler Court Apartments San Diego

Keeler Court Apartments in California, USA – Building Information

Architecture: BNIM –

Fard Engineers MEP Engineering
DCI Engineers Structural Engineers
Project Design Consultants Civil Engineers
Coffman Engineers, Inc. Code and Fire Protection
California Solar Integrators, Inc. Solar PV and Solar Water Heating
Reed Consulting

Keeler Court Apartments California

Photography: Chipper Hatter

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Location: San Diego, California, United States of America

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