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Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, CA, USA

Apr 19, 2022

Design: architect Kendrick Bangs Kelloggs with John Vurgin

Location: Joshua Tree, Southern California, USA

Boffi Pops Us In The Desert

At The Kellogg Doolittle House

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

Photos by artist Victor Stonem

Organic Architecture designed in the 1980s for artist Bev Doolittle and her husband Jay

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California, CA

April 2022 / Joshua Tree, CA: Boffi pays tribute to California’s iconic high desert with a series of photographs conceived by Dominican artist Victor Stonem. Designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in the 1980s, the Kellogg Doolittle House is
made to appear as though it naturally existed among its surrounding rocky landscape. The property’s organic architecture, shapes, and textures come to play with Boffi ‘s contemporary shapes, fabrics and materials.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

Here’s a breakdown of Boffi | De Padova pieces that you can find in Victor’s photoshoot at the Kellogg Doolittle House:

Boffi Mini Kitchen:
In 1963, Joe Colombo designed the original minikitchen for Boffi; a mini mobile kitchen on wheels. The creation of the compact kitchen was just the beginning of an evolution of flexibility when it comes to kitchen design. The minikitchen today, is a complete unit on wheels that is electrically powered and comprises of everything normally included in a regular sized kitchen: a refrigerator, cooking range, containers, drawers, dishes, sockets for electrical appliances, and cutting boards. The cube sized kitchen is a modern vision of mid-century style. Made of white corian with two swiveling castors and two block brakes, the original frame of the mini kitchen hasn’t changed drastically, however, the modifications regarding the technical aspects and materials are updated periodically.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

DePadova Yak Outdoor Armchairs in Ecru:
A comfortable cushioned chair with a natural ash teak frame to support, the Yak armchair adds a hint of luxury and hospitality to any outdoor space. Made to be durable in various weather conditions, this welcoming one-seater sofa’s cushion is made from a polyurethane foam structure covered with waterproof polyester cloth. The Yak Armchair consists of a combination of materials that make it a balanced and contemporary chair, versatile for any occasion but perfect for the outdoors.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

De Padova Blendy Movie Sofa in Senape Velvet:
The Blendy Movie sofa is a sleek and modern design that doesn’t go without comfort, with cushions made from goose down and covered in cotton cloth. This two-seater sofa is perfect for any room, it can conform to any style with its simple yet extravagant presence. Made to be a variation on theme, the compact and rounded sections of the Blendy are slightly restyled in their proportions in comparison to the classic Boffi Sofas. The Blendy is distinguished by the height of the seat, the smaller feet, and single cushion. The result is cohesive and balanced.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

DePadova Square 16 in Tobacco Leather:
Geometric elements, squared lines: the design of the Square 16 sofa is a sleek and well-balanced re-edition of the De Padova historical archive. It has a particularly comfortable, soft, regular seat, slender steel feet with a sixties vibe and edges defined by distinctive seams. Both the fabric and leather versions, especially in the modular combinations, are the perfect solution for various living room layouts. Two, more-seater or modular sofa.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California


Designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in the 1980s, the Kellogg Doolittle House is exceptionally innovative, iconic, and breathtaking. The home was made to appear as though it naturally existed among its surrounding rock landscape. John Vurgin, who was also an associate designer of the house, resides in the house in Joshua Tree, California.

Vurgin, is an expert craftsman in wood, marble, stone, glass, copper, bronze, and steel. This skillset was the driving force behind allowing Kellogg’s original vision to come to life. Vurgin gave this project the quality and artistry it needed to become the radical architectural masterpiece it is today.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

Every detail throughout the house is impeccably designed. This house is ultimately a living work of art that offers functionality. Kellogg is known for avoiding conventional structures and forms. Situated irregularly, concrete columns are placed to shape the interior space. The concrete mass is designed to absorb the sun’s heat slowly throughout the day, keeping the house cool.

The roof is a bone-like structure laying on top of the desert landscape. The colors, shapes, and textures of the house all tie in to evoke an obvious aspect of organic architecture, inspired by the desert landscape and rock formations that surround the house. The furniture is designed to match the house’s architecture in the same way. Organically designed furniture pieces, flowing throughout the house that are filled with desert dusk light through the many windows every evening.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

Rooted in the earth, concrete columns that make up the structure of the house, flare out into canopies. In between those columns is glass which allows once again for light to perfectly shine through. All decorative elements such as: doors or fixtures, were designed by Vurgin.

The master suite is the highest point of the house and looks down at the spine of home, the main living spaces. The bathrooms were custom designed with boulders, again reiterating the theme of organic shapes. Despite so many irregular shapes and untypical architecture, the house is warm and inviting.

Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California

The half-moon curved kitchen made in natural earthy tones, is very functional and a great kitchen to make a home-cooked meal.
Flowing into the living room, the fireplace allows for an intimate entertaining atmosphere.

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Kellogg Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California, USA, images / information received 190422

Location: Joshua Tree, California, USA

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