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Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

New Transport Building Development in Austria – design by Marte.Marte Architekten

9 Jan 2017

Autobahnmeisterei Salzburg

Design: Marte.Marte Architekten

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg, Austria

Photos © Marc Lins

The design of the new motorway maintenance centre is strongly influenced by its direct access to the motorway. The centre is nestled into the sloping plain of the northwest quadrant. The entrance is located on the northwest side of the site and a flat ramp leads down to the existing underpass.

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

The individual buildings come together to form a clearly structured complex. Four buildings serving different functions are grouped around a spacious courtyard. The deliberate use of gaps opens up visual axes with the surrounding landscape and creates exciting spatial sequences. The enclosed courtyard makes it easy to keep track of things within the centre and protects the neighbouring residents from noise. The 25-metre tall salt silos stand like towers in the middle of the complex.

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

Four different building parts around the central fuel station and the three salt silos, simple and elegant blocks, are arranged around the asphalted courtyard. The proportions resulted from the number of vehicle spaces and the turning radii, the functions are stringently organised around the rectangular, sunken courtyard. Although the individual sections differ in height, a single continuous eaves line connects all the parts of the building. The largely closed form prevents noise entering inside or escaping outside.

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

The halls for the trucks are embedded in the site, from outside they visible only in the form of bands of high level glazing screened by exposed concrete louvers. These provide shade for the halls, while also allowing a lot of sunlight and warmth to enter from the south. Below various ploughs, salt spreaders and other appliances are stored directly at the parking place of the respective truck in special shelving on the embedded wall slabs. This is efficient and saves time. Thanks to the location in the south-west and the storage mass of the concrete the temperature here in winter, without heating, is still five degrees. In summer it is agreeably cool.

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

The appearance of the motorway maintenance centre is characterized by the interplay of concrete, glass and aluminium. The building is designed as a reinforced steel structure with a minimum of static elements. The flexibility of the basic structures provides a lot of possibilities for modifications and the office wing has been furnished with lightweight walls in the interior and concrete lamella with glass windows on the façades.

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg

Plus, the open design of the centre leaves plenty of room for future expansions within the complex. The noise barriers running along the southern and western boundaries of the site to the A1 Motorway and the Freilassing Dual Carriageway have been formally integrated into the overall design of the centre.

Autobahnmeisterei Salzburg

Motorway Maintenance Centre in Salzburg – Building Information

Name of work in English: Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg
Name of work in original language: Autobahnmeisterei Salzburg
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Year completed: 2015 (Year began 2014)
Studio: Marte.Marte Architekten
Authors: Bernhard Marte (1966 Austria); Stefan Marte (1967 Austria)

Landscape architect: WES LandschaftsArchitektur Hamburg
Structural engineering: Retter & Partner Ziviltechniker Ges.m.b.H , Krems
Construction manager: SPIRK + Partner ZT GmbH

Autobahnmeisterei Salzburg

Program: Infrastructure
Labels: Facilities
Total area: 22.121m²
Usable floor area: 5.892m²
Client: AFINAG
Client Type: public
Map: LatLng: (47.825156880615474, 13.013749774621601)

Motorway Maintenance Centre Salzburg Building Nominated for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards

Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Nominations

Location: Salzburg, Austria

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