Salzburg Building Academy, Austrian Cultural Venue Design, Picture

Building Academy Salzburg

Cultural Venue in northwest Austria design by soma architecture

3 Jun 2012

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Design: soma architecture

Extension of the Building Academy Salzburg

Building Academy Salzburg, Austria
photo © Florian Hafele, Innsbruck, Austria

Building Academy Salzburg in Austria

Viscous Affiliation – New Foyer and Adaption of the Building Academy soma’s design creates a new foyer and entrance topography to the Building Academy, and adapts an existing factory hall into a cultural venue. After the conversion, the foyer will serve multiple purposes – as a lobby for the school and as a public space for various cultural events in the adjacent halls, such as presentations, movie screenings, concerts or rehearsals.

The new roof structure creates a consistent and smooth transition between the exterior and the interior of the building. It connects the different functional areas in one fluid space and creates an open and evocative atmosphere.

Building Academy Salzburg Building Academy Salzburg Building Academy Salzburg
photos © Florian Hafele, Innsbruck, Austria

Structural performance, lighting and functional zoning, as well as the creation of an intuitively understandable guidance system correlate in one continuous structure. The widening of the roof geometry from a framed into a freely spreading geometry can be read as a contingent affiliation of the existing spatial characteristics.

The three-dimensional pattern was generated in a simulation of fluids based on particle flows. Liquids have three essential parameters: viscosity, density and surface tension. The interactions between these three physical properties have been tested on the computer in a series of variations to generate a pattern with a big amount of holes and a high level of coherence.

Realizing this complex structure in exposed concrete posed major challenges in the area of formwork construction, which was tested and optimized in 1:1 mock ups. The finely triangulated surface of the concrete structure allows a subtle play of light and shadow and was achieved by testing different milling techniques. The advanced geometry of the roof and its innovative construction process reflect the competencies and teaching focus of the Building Academy in the field of concrete application.

Building Academy Salzburg Building Academy Salzburg Salzburg Cultural Building
photos © Florian Hafele, Innsbruck, Austria

Salzburg Cultural Building images / information from soma architecture

soma architecture are based in Vienna

Location: Salzburg, Austria, central Europe

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