Winter home maintenance: keep your home components safe against the chill, Preventing frozen pipes advice

Winter Home Maintenance: Keep Your Home Safe against the Chill

2 February 2022

Winter Home Maintenance

Did you know that one winter storm can create over $1 billion in property damages? That’s right. The winter season comes with tumultuous weather disturbances and hazardous elements that wreak havoc on our properties. Even if your house can withstand a fierce storm without substantial damage, the weather will take its toll.

Home components and structures, particularly those exposed to the full force of the elements, become vulnerable and break down eventually. Homeowners who constantly explore ways to cut corners tend to neglect seasonal maintenance, inspections, and repairs. And this neglect sows the seed for irreversible damages or repairs that can set you back by thousands of dollars.

Between frozen pipes and water damages, your home components succumb to the pressure of snowstorms and chilly winds. If you’re clueless about preparing your home for a damage-proof winter season, keep reading to pick some practical strategies.

Weatherproofing the Plumbing System

The plumbing systems and water pipes are integral to maintaining a functional and habitable property. The chilly winds set the stage for severe plumbing issues and structural damages to your property. For instance, the pipes running through your property and the exterior walls will likely freeze as temperatures drop.

Water damage and moisture buildup are a homeowner’s worst nightmares, for reversing these damages can cost a humungous financial strain. And these frozen pipes can crack open, exposing your property to thousands of gallons of water, leading to unprecedented structural damages. When dealing with frozen pipes, prevention is the best strategy, and we urge you to click here to learn more.

Preventing frozen pipes demands attention to detail, regular inspections, and protective measures. At times, little tricks like letting water trickle down the pipes work wonders at keeping the chill at bay. But once the temperatures drop drastically, little tricks aren’t enough to prevent the exterior pipes from freezing.

Keep an eye out for any signs of moisture on the connectors and faucets. If you notice moisture, change the components immediately to prevent the damages from aggravating. It’s wise to consider investing in insulation tapes to create an extra layer of protection around the exterior and basement pipes. We also advise maintaining fully-drained pipes and double-checking the plumbing system each week.

Clean out the Gutters

No one likes heading outdoors when the chilly winds are blowing, let alone cleaning the gutters and drains. But imagine spending thousands of dollars on gutter replacement, or worse, roofing repairs. Does the thought of these staggering expenses motivate you to brave the cold and clean out the gutters?

You see, winter brings snowstorms and rainstorms, and we all need to prepare ourselves for drainage and gutter maintenance. Gutters tend to clog quickly, accumulating debris, junk, and garbage, causing a strain on the drainage system. What’s worse, the gutters start filling up with ice, which strains the drainage system and exposes your home to moisture.

If the gutters thaw and overflow, they expose the roof and attic structure to water damage. These ice-filled, clogged gutters will likely break apart and overflow, causing a severe strain on the roofing structure. It’s wise to create a regular gutter cleaning regime to avoid expensive repairs in the long run. And you don’t need any specialized tools or expertise to tackle this task.

All it takes is a ladder, a shovel, garbage bags, and a hose to clean out the gutters the old-fashioned way!

Defense against Condensation, Water Damage & Flooding

Can you name the home component protecting your property against moisture buildup, water damage, leaking drains, and flooding? If you can’t recall the name or are blissfully unaware, you’re a neglectful homeowner or don’t have a sump pump. While the latter is highly unlikely, the former can expose your home components to grave foundational damages.

You see, a sump pump is a powerful frontline fighter saving your property against moisture and water-related hazards. But if the pump isn’t doing its job, your property is vulnerable to structural damages, foundation defects, and flooding. Homeowners must schedule regular inspections and engage an expert for a winter maintenance session to ensure robust efficiency.

Preventing Dryers from Causing Fire Hazards

Did you know that the dryer you rely on so excessively can create a fire hazard? That’s right. Clogged and poorly maintained dryer vents account for more than 15,000 fires annually. Once the chilly winds blow, homeowners start using the dryer more often and regularly. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure this home component works efficiently and effectively.

It’s crucial to eliminate all the accumulated lint to maintain efficient functioning, reduce household energy consumption and prevent fire hazards. Cleaning the lint filter is easy, and you don’t need to engage a professional to perform this job. Just remove the filter, scrape away the lint and use your vacuum cleaner to clean the lint trap thoroughly. Then, clean the filter and replace it.

Scheduling Regular Electric Maintenance

We are strong advocates for taking the DIY route, but when dealing with electric components, we strongly advise against it. Unless you’re a seasoned electrician or an electrical engineer, it’s wise to steer clear of electric wiring. After all, you don’t want to spend the dark winter days and cold chilly nights with a failed electric system.

Aside from hiring a professional for regular inspection and maintenance, be sure to inspect the system regularly yourself. You simply need to examine the service panel and breaker wires for discoloration, poor insulation, or sparking signs. It’s crucial to schedule a pre-winter maintenance session to ensure electrical efficiency before the chilly season begins.

It’s also wise to invest in a multi-meter to examine the power flowing through the circuits. You must also regularly inspect your wall sockets, extension cords, and heating system.

Winter Home Maintenance – Final Thoughts

You know what they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Maintenance and inspections help us save hundreds and thousands of dollars by preserving the structural integrity of our properties. The winter season is harsh, but even the fiercest snowstorms won’t dismantle your home components if you’re a vigilant homeowner. Building solid defenses and securing your home components against damages is the best strategy for a stress-free winter.

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