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Why You Need a Plunge Pool

18 Jun 2021

Why you need a plunge pool

The hot summer days are all about hanging around the pool and going for a dive to cool off. Having a pool is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Finding a pool to fit your small courtyard perfectly is no longer a worry – a plunge pool will become your new backyard hangout spot. Plunge pools are made explicitly for wading, lounging, and cooling off after a busy hot day. If you are tired of using water sports facilities, owning a plunge is the right alley to take. This article provides more convincing reasons why you should own a plunge pool.

·       They are perfect for entertaining.

A plunge pool will spice things up when hosting guests for Christmas, anniversaries, or a simple hangout. Your visitors will make memorable moments while eating, sipping on their favourite drinks, and having meaningful conversations as they take in the beautiful scenery. You can go a notch higher and add a heater to the pool to extend the party to the night hours and maintain use during cold seasons.

·       They give your garden a modern makeover.

A plunge pool is a good choice, thanks to the versatility that comes with its designs. The pool can integrate with any landscape design, be it along the boundary wall or down by the side of your house. At the same time, a plunge pool will add an exemplary touch to the backyard. Furthermore, you may also consider adding a water feature, such as a waterfall or a small fountain, to elevate the sensory experience. Customising your plunge pool design is very easy.

·       They are great for year-round use.

Contrary to the common belief that plunge pools are supposed to be seasonal, technology has revolutionised the swimming scene. Installing a heated plunge pool will give you the option of using it any time of the year, regardless of the weather or season. To save on the high energy bills from heating your pool, consider adding a hardcover.

·       They are great for exercise.

You do not need a large swimming pool to reap the benefits of an exercise regime. Even with a plunge pool, you can indulge in aqua fitness activities to maintain a healthy life. You can do aerobic exercise and resistance training to meet your fitness goals. By fitting your pool with a swim jet system, you can comfortably do your swimming exercise. The hydrotherapy jets in the pool can also be used to ease tension in your body.

Additionally, you can consider using a water bike for low-impact cardio, resulting in weight loss and improving your overall health without soreness. There is proof that cold water pools are used for therapeutic effects. Did you know getting into your plunge pool immediately after the spa or shower enhances blood circulation? The pool offers an endless list of exercise options while still offering you health benefits.

·       Conserve water

Swimming pools traditionally use many litres of water. Research shows that plunge pools use 80% less water than swimming pools. Besides the low water usage, plunge pools are also proven to be energy efficient. This can be attributed to using relatively smaller and more compact variable speed pumps than the standard ones. Moreover, using saltwater chlorinator to clean water instead of chlorine packets has proven to provide cleaner water.

Why You Need a Plunge Pool Summary

Plunge pools elevate the look of your backyard and offer several advantages for you to enjoy. They offer a great entertainment spot and can be a great tool to spice up your workout routine while still offering efficiency.

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