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Why You Need Weekly Pool Maintenance Services

2 June 2022

Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

It’s common knowledge if you live in a neighborhood with a shared swimming pool that the pool is closed once a week by the homeowners’ association for cleaning and upkeep.

Keeping your pool gleaming and ready for summer enjoyment requires weekly pool maintenance.

It includes shock treatment, monitoring the filter and pH levels, cleaning the skimmers, vacuuming, cleaning the dirt and vegetation off, and checking the circulation of the water.

Weekly maintenance and cleaning are essential for a safe, beautiful, clean, long-lasting swimming pool.

With weekly pool care, water chemistry, sanitation, and aesthetics can all be improved.

Leaving your pool water untreated can result in algae blooms, mosquito breeding grounds, and dangerous pathogens like E.Coli.

As a result, you could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on repairs to your pool’s equipment, liner, and surface.

It is estimated that there are approximately 10.4 million household swimming pools in the United States. For this reason, a weekly pool maintenance service is essential if you are one of them.

The question is, however, what are the advantages of a weekly pool maintenance service? Continue reading to learn more.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Need a Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

  1. Longevity of the pool and equipment.
  2. Maintain the appearance of the pool.
  3. Saves you money.
  4. Reduces health risks.
  5. Decreases the possibility of accidents.
  6. Prevents the buildup of bacteria.

No. 1: Longevity of The Pool and Equipment

Without adequate weekly maintenance, the water in your pool can become highly corrosive, resulting in damage to both the pool’s structure and any equipment used in it.

This might cost you a lot of money in the long run, so be careful not to try and solve your pool problems alone. Weekly maintenance is a necessity if you want to remain within your budget.

Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

Avoid replacing your pool’s railings, steps, or any other components without consulting a professional pool maintenance service.

Taking care of your pool every week will help you put your mind at ease and extend the life of your pool.

No. 2: Safety

When pool care is neglected, it can lead to more than simply a dirty pool; it can also put swimmers’ safety at risk. Incorrectly balancing the chemicals in your swimming pool might also result in severe damage.

The professionals can help you avoid this by providing high-quality services and knowledge on monthly pool maintenance to ensure that germs and bacteria are eradicated effectively, leaving you with a sparkling and healthy pool.

No. 3: Maintain the Appearance of the Pool

Having fun in the sun is what summer is all about. It’s essential to look at the condition of your pool before making any final decisions about a pool party.

Is there a lot of foliage in it? How long has it been since you’ve had a chance to do a thorough cleaning? Is everything working as it should?

Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

Before inviting someone over, make sure you have found answers to these questions. You wouldn’t want to swim in a dirty or infected pool, and your buddies wouldn’t either.

Maintaining your swimming pool weekly will spare you the shame so, don’t put off your weekly pool maintenance until the last minute.

No. 4: Saves You Money

You will save a lot of money in the long run by preventing your pool from being damaged in the first place. If you don’t perform routine maintenance, your pool will also suffer physical harm.

However, when it comes to your swimming pool, you’ll need to keep an eye on things like the pump and filters.

Repairing pool equipment, like buying a new pump, can be costly. This is especially true if the damage is beyond repair.

Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

It’s important to remember that the pool is only one part of the equation. In addition, you’ll need to take care of the pool’s hardware and equipment.

Maintaining your pool weekly will help keep it in good condition and extend the life of your equipment. As a result, you’ll never run out of money to have fun at the pool.

No. 5: Reduces Health Risks

Bacteria and fungi thrive in poorly maintained pools, and they can also cause health problems for swimmers. Mosquitoes can breed in it, as well, and cause dengue fever and malaria.

Children, especially, are at most risk from these ailments, which can cause a devastating impact on your health.

As a result, if you want your pool to be where people come to have fun rather than become sick, you should make a weekly effort to maintain it.

No. 6: Decreases the Possibility of Accidents

Accidents might happen if your pool isn’t properly cared for. Your pool’s handrails and other safety elements will be inspected every week for signs of wear and tear.

A few people, especially children who have never swum before, will likely enter the pool unaided.

Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

As a result, the pool’s safety elements, like the guardrail, will be beneficial. Pool accidents are likely to occur if these safety features are destroyed.

It’s impossible to avoid getting into a tragic accident in a poorly maintained pool, no matter how careful you are. Make sure your pool receives the regular care it needs to avoid these problems.

No. 7: Prevents the Build Up of Bacteria

A poorly kept pool can promote the growth of bacteria like E. coli and the diseases that mosquitoes can transmit to humans.

E.coli bacteria can infect people, causing gastrointestinal disorders that lead to death.

A weekly pool cleaning will remove all of the microorganisms from your pool.

Whether or not your family uses the pool after the cleaning, you’ll be amazed at how clean it looks, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe.

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Why you need weekly pool maintenance services

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