What makes Velux windows special

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What Makes Velux Windows Special?

24 Nov 2022

What Makes Velux Windows Special

VELUX windows are known to pretty much every homeowner who owns a house or flat with an attic, because VELUX is a world leader in the production of various types of roof windows. In fact this company dictates the trends in the roof windows market and offers the widest range of products among all the roof window manufacturers in the world. Simply speaking, the words “VELUX windows” are commonly used as a byword for roof windows.

What is so unique and special about windows developed by VELUX? Why are they considered the best? We asked these questions to the Sales Team from Fenbro, one of the most recognisable suppliers of high-quality windows and doors on the Irish market.

VELUX windows – basic facts

Agnieszka from the Fenbro Sales Team advises that this industry-leading brand offers only the highest quality roof windows that are made of the 1st class FSC certified pine wood. Thanks to this, these windows have very high durability, low heat transfer coefficient and very elegant appearance.

The frames of the window sash are made of glued elements, which makes them strong and resistant to deformations. Additionally, the surface of all roof windows manufactured by VELUX is factory-protected with an impregnation and varnish coating. All these solutions make the products simply unrivalled in their class.

What Makes Velux Windows Special

VELUX windows for a kitchen and a bathroom

Agnieszka also emphasised that VELUX windows are available in a polyurethane-coated version that is perfect for all rooms and spaces with increased humidity, like kitchens, bathrooms etc. Apart from the extreme resistance to moisture, these window products have other advantages: they do not turn yellow (due to their resistance to UV radiation) and do not need maintenance and renovation.

Why choose VELUX windows?

All of these products come with 10-year guarantee and are extensively tested. One of the tests involves withstanding a year’s worth of rainfall in just 15 minutes, while another one consists of opening and closing VELUX roof windows 25,000 times (an equivalent of opening and closing the window for 68 years). Extreme durability and resistance to changing weather conditions are not the only advantages of this product. Agnieszka from Fenbro also emphasises the following benefits:

  • all standard glazing units come with premium features, eg. toughened glass, UV filter, safety lamination or rain noise reduction
  • easy to operate ventilation bar allows you to let the fresh air into your house without opening a window
  • unique and innovative ThermoTechnology makes your home more energy-efficient, thus lowering your energy bills
  • when it comes to these products, you have full control over all the important choices (type, size, glazing, control mode, accessories etc.)

And last but not least, these products are manufactured in Poland – a country that holds the position of an undisputed leader in UE when it comes to the production and export of top-quality joinery.

What Makes Velux Windows Special

Fenbro – a renowned supplier of VELUX windows in Ireland

Fenbro is a dynamic, fast-developing company focusing on delivering the highest quality products and services to B2B and B2C customers in Ireland and other global markets. VELUX roof windows available in the current Fenbro offer are the highest quality products that meet the requirements and expectations of even the most demanding customers.

More information about Fenbro services and products is available on the company’s website: https://fenbro.com/

Architectural product images: Fenbro realizations

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