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How to Choose the Best Casement Windows For Your House?

25 Nov 2021

Do you plan to renovate your house and install new casement replacement windows to add value? That’s perfect. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which units are the best?

We have struggled with the same issue; that’s why we decided to reach out to Ecoline, Canadian window replacement experts, and ask them about all the necessary aspects of choosing the best casement windows for your project. Want to learn everything in detail? Keep reading!

How to choose best casement windows for your house?

Casement Windows Explained

Casement windows are one of the most popular units among Canadian homeowners. They operate similarly to the doors and open fully to make sure your space is well ventilated, lit, and comfy. You can find casement windows in almost any house due to their versatility, comfort, and reasonable price. These units are literally the best seller among the most homeowners in Canada.

The Key Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Casement Windows

As previously mentioned, these units are very versatile and comfortable, which makes them the top pick for many homeowners. Still, it is not the complete list of reasons to choose casements for your replacement project or new constructions.

Pros of new casement windows:

  • Increased energy efficiency. This is probably the most significant benefit homeowners get when installing new casement windows for their homes. Casements are the most energy-efficient units among all operable windows. The standout characteristic of these units is the tight seals on all four sides, which can only be strengthened by strong winds rather than weakened. Coupled with the Energy Star label and Triple glazing, casement windows are the ultimate choice for those seeking to cut down on their energy bills.
  • Optimal Ventilation. Casement windows operate just like the standard door, allowing them to be fully open and provide excellent air circulation within your space.
  • Enhanced Security. All the hardware casement units have, is hidden in the frame, making them practically impossible to tamper with. That means the units are considered to be one of the most secure window frame options on the market.
  • Unobstructed views. Casement windows always come with a huge glass area, so if you adore your exterior, these units will be perfect for contemplating the world outside.

What to Look For When Choosing New Casement Windows?

Buying and installing new windows is not an easy endeavour that can be done in a few minutes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and each home renovation project requires consultation with professionals and all your dedication to choosing units that will work best for your house. But there are some common rules and tips to utilize to decide whether the units you’re going to buy would serve you long and bring comfort and peace of mind.

  • Buy only Energy Star windows. If you buy casement windows that are Energy Star labelled, you can be sure that they are energy-efficient and comply with the highest industry standards.
  • Double or triple glazing? If you want to make your new windows even more energy-efficient, then it would be prudent to consider getting triple glazing to support your idea. But first of all, analyze the current thermal performance of your house since triple glazing is an additional investment. Yes, it might increase the energy efficiency of your windows up to 50%, but such units would be more expensive. So be sure to calculate your ROI properly.
  • Analyze other window styles and options. Casement windows are indeed great, no doubts here. But your house exterior and overall design might require other window styles that will work better for your particular project. That is why it is highly recommended to discuss your replacement project with experts who will support implementing your ideas.
  • Correct measurements and installations. Even the best casement windows will fail to show all their strengths if installed poorly. And window installation is definitely a challenging DIY project, especially for homeowners with no previous experience.

    That is why make sure you deal with a reliable window company to assist you with the installation. Be sure to check their online reviews on sites like HomeStars and YELP, look at the past projects similar to yours and ask for all the details before signing the replacement contract.

Using Timber Casement Windows

Best casement windows for your house – The Bottom Line

New casement windows will be a perfect pick for any home renovation project or new construction. The units are energy-efficient, versatile, provide fantastic ventilation, and let you contemplate your incredible views outside.

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