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Using Timber Casement Windows in Modern Homes

25 Nov 2021

Timber windows are a perfect choice for any type of building as they come in a variety of frame types, from sash to tilt and turn via shaped, listed, and, one of the most popular, casement.

Several options are available; trying to properly understand the difference between them can be very tough, and it subsequently makes it hard to decide which frame is best suited to your needs. In this article, we take a closer look at timber casement window frames, the perks attached to them and why they are your best bet, and a great choice, then the types of property they suit best.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that timber casement windows are usually opened outward like a door due to hinges on either side of the frame. This is often achieved using a cranking system. There are so many reasons why you should consider installing a casement window over the other types of frames.

Using Timber Casement Windows

Why Should I Use a Timber Casement Window?

There are several reasons to consider using a timber casement window, as it has a lot of benefits and perks over other types of windows. Some of the perks include:

A Better View

Casement windows usually do not have bars or slats running across the glazing, so the view out of the window is completely unobstructed. This makes it the best choice if you intend to achieve an “open picture frame” look with the window frames you install. The Lomax + Wood-Timber Casement Windows has other added benefits that other windows cannot offer which is that the casement window can still be opened to allow the fresh air in or for ventilation purposes.

Easy Maintenance

The way that casement windows open makes it easy to clean the external window pane from the inside due to its design and flexibility. By simply cranking the window frame fully open, you can easily wipe off the pane and even the timber frame itself with just a piece of cloth and warm water. Be sure to follow good maintenance procedures for your timber.

Using Timber Casement Windows

Highly Efficient

Timber casement window frames are one of the most energy-efficient. Unlike the other window frame types, such as sash, there is usually no track for them to slide up and down. This helps to provide a much tighter seal when it is fully shut and locked, which in turn helps to significantly reduce the heat and cold transfer. In addition, timber frames, in general, are great insulators, and when they are paired with double or triple glazing, they can drastically reduce or minimize heat loss, which will keep energy bills down.

Great Ventilation

Timber casement window frames also provide excellent ventilation. This happens especially when they are fully opened as the frame/pane pushes fresh air gently through the open space.

In addition, how the frames are hinged gives you the ability to control how far you want them to open, from just a very small gap to fully wide. Other benefits are attached to installing timber casement windows. This includes choosing different styles and finishes for your frames, all thanks to modern architecture.

Timber casement windows are an amazing choice for any type of building because of the perks attached to them. With its unique and amazing styles made from the best of wood, it is, in fact, your best bet when choosing a window.

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