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What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag?

20 Jan 2022

The best bean bag chairs are popular household items that provide comfort and add to the decor of any room.

They provide a comfortable and cozy place to sit and relax and are ideally used by kids or young adults. Since there are a wide variety of bean bags available on the market, it is possible to get confused about their use and suitability.

What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag

Learning about bean bags can be helpful, whether you are planning to purchase one for yourself or want to gift it to someone else. That is why we’ve compiled this in-depth guide on the subject to help you out.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag at Home

How Are Bean Bags Made?

Bean bags are available in varying sizes and types for multiple purposes. They generally consist of a bag that contains beans or materials of a similar nature, and after being filled, the bag is completely sealed.

While the majority of bean bags you will come across are meant for recreational uses, some are suitable for more practical applications. The type of use that a bean bag is meant for determines the material used for its construction. Some of the materials that can be used to make the outer covering of the bag include leather, fabric, knitted material, etc.

The term ‘bean bag’ is, in fact, a misnomer, as these bags do not contain actual beans (millet or dried peas). Generally, manufacturers fill the bags with synthetic materials like ground Styrofoam or beads made of polystyrene.

Bean bags are commonly used in the form of bean bag chairs, which are generally made of vinyl, leather, or other materials such as cotton, nylon, and polyester. While a bean bag chair may not be very ergonomic, it does adjust according to the user’s back when the person sits in it. This helps in providing greater comfort to the user.

What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag

Popular Uses Of A Bean Bag

Bean bags first became popular during the 1960s but are still available for purchase today. They are marketed for young adults and children and are mostly available as bean bag chairs. That said, there are other ways to make use of a bean bag.

Smaller bean bags are commonly used as pillows, while the most miniature ones are usually used for juggling. Due to the weight and malleable nature of bean bags, they make perfect objects for juggling. That is the main reason why learners practise with bean bags when starting out, before moving on to other objects.

Bean bags also make a sound when they hit any surface, such as the juggler’s hand. It helps in developing the rhythm required for juggling multiple items at the same time.

Another similar use of bean bags is foot bagging, in which the bags are kicked instead of being thrown. It is a popular pastime in which the objective is to prevent the bean bag from landing on the solid wood floor without using your hands. Usually, multiple people gather in a circle and try unique tricks with the bag without letting it fall.

As for practical purposes, small bean bags are used in photography as a camera rest for shots in which a tripod is not suitable. They are also used as weighted bases for resting other items, such as ashtrays or cellphones, especially in moving vehicles.

Finally, bean bags are effective as a non-lethal alternative to bullets for crowd control purposes.

What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag

Cosy living room furniture

Despite having their origin in the 20th century, bean bags remain incredibly popular even today. They are the perfect accessory for your living room and add variety to your existing furniture set. Plus, unlike other furniture pieces, bean bags can be placed anywhere in the house.

Hopefully, you now have all the necessary information you need about bean bags and their numerous uses. This knowledge can be very helpful in deciding whether to get one and which one to opt for.

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