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What Influences Casino Architecture?

14 Mar 2023

What Influences Casino Architecture

There are thousands of casinos around the world, with many of the most famous located in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. When deciding which casino to visit, what games are available is often the major consideration. However, the casino buildings themselves have a role to play and there are some magnificent casinos which are a joy to behold. There are many reasons why casinos look as they do today, and we will look at the key elements that influence modern casino architecture.

The Space

One of the key aspects of casino design is space. When entering a casino, the design of the room is deliberate, and the games and amenities have not been positioned at random. It may not seem obvious, but a lot of thought has gone into the location of everything inside the casino.

The toilets are a good example, and these are often positioned in one corner of the casino and not always easy to find. The path to the toilet will lead though popular casino games because people are more likely to begin playing a game if they see others are already playing and enjoying themselves.

Some casinos have been designed using corridors and these are lined with games to tempt people to start playing immediately. There are other casinos where there is no common theme to the way the games are presented, and they are all in one big room. That leads to people having to wander around the casino if they want to play a specific type of game.

When walking through the casino, another game might catch the eye and the whole setup is designed to get people playing as many games as possible. Casinos will often place games in clusters and this is to drive the social element of casino gaming. As gamblers drink more and become more social, they are more likely to continue spending money.

Interior Design

The interior design of a casino is hugely important and what differentiates one casino from the next. It is vital that a casino has its own theme, especially in places where there is an abundance of casino choices, such as Las Vegas. Some people just want to play games and are not overly bothered about the theme of the casino. However, the theme of the casino sticks in the mind and is used when talking about the casino to other people.

If the casinos all looked the same, it would become impossible to distinguish between them and that is what influences the interior build and design. The casino market is saturated which means there is intense competition to retain customers. For example, online casinos offer different bonuses in a bid to keep their customers coming back. This also applies to land-based casinos, and it is where the interior design and theme of the buildings comes into play.

What Influences Casino Architecture

Exterior Design

The exterior of the casino building is the first thing every player sees when arriving at the venue. If players turn up at a casino and are underwhelmed by the appearance of the building this can lower the excitement of the players before they have started playing and may even cause them to go elsewhere instead. Some casinos have a long history and are housed inside stunning buildings, with the Monte Carlo Casino being a fine example. The casino has been in place for over 150 years and thanks to its opulent design it has featured in numerous films including James Bond and Ocean’s Twelve.

As mentioned earlier, the Las Vegas strip is home to numerous casinos that are competing with each other. With this in mind, it is easy to recognize the importance of the exterior design in attracting customers. The Venetian in Las Vegas is a more recently constructed casino and resort having opened in 1999. As the name suggests, this casino is based on Venice, in Italy and includes many replicas from the city such as the Palazzo Ducale, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and Piazzetta di San Marco. Looking from both the outside and the inside of The Venetian, it gives the impression of being in Venice and the architecture has a huge role to play in attracting people to this casino.


Continuing along the theme of the Monte Carlo Casino and The Venetian, opulence is an important element in a casino’s design. The ambitious architecture makes everyone who walks through the door feel special and that is exactly what the owners of the casino desire.

Casinos are built to make the people who enter them feel wealthy and that leads to them spending more time inside the casino and spending more money than they planned. Everyone wants to feel they are a part of the wealthiest group in society and casino architecture is designed to give that feeling to anyone who enters. Every player in an opulent casino feels like a high roller, even if they have never played a casino game in their life.

What Influences Casino Architecture Summary

Casino architecture is intended to get people to spend money. This is achieved in various ways, from the space inside the building to the interior and exterior design. The importance of the architecture may not be obvious at first, but when you take a closer look at the elements that influence the buildings as well as the reasoning behind them, it becomes a lot more obvious just how important casino architecture really is.

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