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Turf Distributors Can Help!

15 June 2022

Artificial Turf For What?

If you are an animal lover, I know you may have misgivings about artificial turf. The reality is, one half of your brain is probably worried about biodiversity, being concerned about the possibility of our various bee species not having places to rest and flowers to eat from. The truth is that artificial turf can withstand planters and you can have separate flowers in your yard that can serve the biodiversity of the region you live in. You can have beehives that coexist with your astro turf, offsetting whatever worries you may have about the lack of biodiversity in your grass species.

Turf distributors can help: artificial lawns

Turf Distributors Can Help with Lawn Care

On the other hand, natural grass is home to many forms of pests that you might end up spending way more money to mitigate the advance of by using pest control. Pesticides can end up causing a lot more damage than any other bio chemicals we use regularly. For example, you can learn more about the way that South Carolina dropped pesticides all over the state without researching the potential impact it would have.

Ultimately, South Carolinians ended up dumping trillions of tons of pesticides over the state that killed the already endangered honeybees and bumble bees that exist in the region. In fact, neighboring states North Carolina and Georgia ended up experiencing a great loss of their biodiversity in their bee species as a result of this terrible decision by South Carolina.

What Are The Benefits?

When we consider it closely, however, there are fabulous opportunities for your dogs and cats and rabbits and lizards to exist comfortably on the artificial grass that will be safer for them than regular grass. Why? This is because they are less likely to be attacked by fire ants, which are prominently featured in natural grass during the summertime in the United States of America.

Bugs are one of the great equalizers of the United States, and very few people, even the very rich, are unable to totally minimize the experience of having bugs bite them and their feet when wearing flip flops. But it is critically important that your dogs and cats and other outdoor animals not be attacked by fiery ants who can draw blood!

You may assume that tractor companies will be a natural rival for astro turf companies. It is entirely plausible that by focusing on an improvement in our lives that will create disruption, some industries will be hit and hurt.

But just as in the 1910s the filament in the electric lightbulb would render street lighters obsolete as a profession, us moving towards a more environmentally sustainable company like Turf Distributors to outfit our lawns will render owning at-home tractors superfluous and unnecessary. Ultimately, however, these lawns can be custom built with specific types of environmentally friendly yarns that will be best for your dogs to traverse.

It is important to confront Californians who tout the importance of minimalism recognize the need for freshly watered lawns as a social excess. It is trendy for many people to offer performative action regarding environmentalism, but very few people are willing to actually sacrifice their luxuries and wants to cover the planet’s needs. It is important to contemplate the importance providing people with an aesthetic that helps them mentally and emotionally. There is a popular phrase these days called “touch grass” which argues that people are too online and not spending enough time connecting with nature. That would still be possible if the grass is artificial!

Turf distributors can help: astro lawn

What Is Coming Next?

People might be worried that changing this grass would minimize the emotional and psychological connection that you can have by interacting with the environment. What they do not realize is that in the last several decades, the overall quality of artificial grass has become so much better that many people cannot tell the difference by immediately eyeballing the turf they see.

The artificial grass that people are worried about is the old school kind that used to be neon green and very fake looking. It no longer looks that way, and in fact, it can even be treated with substances that will make it more luxurious, safer for your pets and still aesthetically useful for your mental and emotional health.

Imagine the possibilities — saving water and money at the same time is going to be critically important in this era of rampant inflation, and the likely recession that will follow. Americans are struggling financially and need as much help as they can get as minimum wage has not risen in many decades.

Thus, we need to consider the financial, emotional and environmental (https://www.britannica.com/topic/environmentalism) concerns all at once. Therefore, if you are experiencing something emotionally difficult and you find yourself in the throes of a painful life episode, you can still walk outside barefoot to feel that connection with the earth that will help you move past your issues. This time, however, your feet will not get bitten by bugs, so you can enjoy that feeling for even longer!

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