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How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn Guide

29 Sep 2021

Having a lush, green lawn is the goal of many homeowners. But how do you get there? There are many steps to take care of your lawn, and it will be different for everyone depending on where they live and what type of grass or other vegetation they have. This blog post will go over some tips that will help you maintain a healthy lawn so that your yard can look as beautiful as possible!

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Lawn

Mow your lawn regularly

One of the most important things you can do to take care of your lawn is to mow it regularly. You should aim for around once every week or two weeks, depending on the weather and how fast your grass grows.

You should also take the time to adjust the blades of your lawnmower. If you are not sure what height to set your blade at, one good rule of thumb is that the blade should be about two inches tall. You can measure this by pushing your grass flat to the ground and lining up a ruler with it, marking it at two inches. Note that different types of blades will cut differently, so you may want to read more on high-quality lawn mower blades!

Don’t mow over seeds you have scattered

One common mistake people make is accidentally mowing their lawn while they are seeding it. This causes the seed to be pushed down into the ground and not grow properly, so avoid doing this at all costs! You can also use a special roller on your lawn when spreading grass seed that will help ensure better germination. This will allow you to seed your lawn faster and get it ready for mowing.

Water your lawn regularly so that it doesn’t dry up

Another thing to focus on is making sure that your lawn has access to water. This will depend greatly on where you live and the time of year, but it’s important to make sure that you are watering enough (but not too much!). In this case, make sure to use the best garden hose reel that will allow you to implement the soak and dry method for watering your lawn. This means that you should water your yard first thing in the morning, so it can soak up all of the moisture, then wait until later in the day to water again if necessary.

Remember that you are aiming for grass blades to be moist, but not drenched or have standing water on top of them. You should also try to keep your grass watered consistently, rather than letting it dry up between each watering session.

Avoid using weed killers unless necessary

It is best to avoid using weed killer altogether if you can. This will inevitably kill off some of your grass along with the weeds, so only use it when you have a major infestation that needs immediate attention! Use natural sprays instead, or try pulling out any stubborn roots by hand.

You can also try using weed blockers or putting down several layers of newspaper to get rid of them without having to use any chemicals! Keep in mind that harsh chemicals can hurt any plants or grass you have nearby, so try to avoid using them if possible.

Don’t over-fertilize your lawn unless necessary

You should avoid over-fertilizing your grass. This will cause it to grow more quickly and turn yellow, so be careful about how much you are using. As much as possible, use a slow-release fertilizer instead so that your grass will get the nutrients it needs gradually throughout the year. It is also best to ask for help from an expert if you have any concerns about over-fertilizing, especially since different types of lawns require different amounts and frequencies of fertilization!

Mulch your garden beds if necessary

If you have plants in the garden bed around your house, be sure to mulch them so they can get enough water and nutrients from the soil. Grass will often take up these nutrients before the plants get them, so mulching can help ensure that everything is growing properly! This will also help keep weeds from growing and killing your plants, so you will want to be sure that the mulch is thick enough.

Trim the edges of your yard to keep it tidy

There is also a simple way to take care of the edges around your yard so that it looks nice and tidy. You can use a weed eater or lawnmower to just trim back overgrown grass. This is an easy way to keep things looking neat without having to go out there with a pair of shears! When your yard is organized and tidy, it will help keep your house looking nice, too. Remember that no one wants to look out the window onto a messy yard.

Rake leaves in autumn, so they don’t pile up around the house or block walkways

Make sure to rake up leaves in the autumn so that they don’t pile up around your house or block walkways. This can be a pain to deal with, especially if you have trees near your property line! This will also make your yard look nicer and keep it from getting muddy in the autumn. In some cases, you may also want to consider putting down a layer of mulch or wood chips so that everything stays nice and tidy year-round!

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Lawn

You can also try using weed blockers or putting down several layers of newspaper to get rid of them without having to use any chemicals! Keep in mind that harsh chemicals can hurt any plants or grass you have nearby, so try to avoid using them if possible. Since weed blockers are not entirely safe, you can also consider installing artificial grass in some areas. Read more to know its added benefits

How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn Summary

Once you’ve tackled all of the above, your yard will be a place to enjoy and relax. You’ll have more time for yourself as well as less work on your plate! To keep up with this upkeep, it is recommended that you set aside some time each week or month with a landscaper in West Chester, depending on how much lawn maintenance needs to happen.

This might mean getting someone else’s help from time to time if it starts feeling like too much work. Remember that having an attractive yard doesn’t just make your home look nicer. It will also help you feel better by minimizing stress levels and providing you with peace of mind when you’re away at work during the day.

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