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Incorporating Gaming into Your Home Design: A Guide

10 April 2024

Incorporating gaming into home design guide

A home should be a reflection of your personality and your interests as well as somewhere that you love to spend time. If you are fortunate enough to be designing your own home or you are working on your house now, there are ways you can incorporate gaming. Love to play casino games or console games?

There are options for making them a key part of your home design and even creating whole rooms and areas based on your love of playing games.

Below, we’ll take a look at just a few of the ways that you can incorporate gaming in the way your home is designed and laid out, and what you do with your internal rooms. Creating a game room? Even better, there are so many subtle ways you can also bring the games to your humble abode.

A Big Screen For Live Casino Games

Going to the casino? Nowadays, the casino can come to you via live casino games, connecting you to a game happening in real time or even to a specific live dealer. Players who plan to connect and play live casino games online may want to set themselves up with a specific area for this. Online casino games that can be played live, with a dealer, include games like blackjack that have been popular for centuries. Players can set aside an area of their house, even calling it the “casino room”.

Big screens could be the key, but you may also want to think about atmospheric lighting (maybe some classy low lighting like an old casino). Comfortable seating is also a must for playing live casino games.

An Area For Table Games

Table games remain popular today, even though some of them were first invented a thousand years ago (or longer). Casino games are some of the table games played most, but there are many more, including options like chess where people can test their intelligence and strategy.

Gaming areas can be classy and simple, and tables have even been designed with a specific look and feel of a gaming table, such as the green surface that people often associate with casino games.

Setting up a specific table could be as simple as a small square table with four chairs, but there are options for hanging lighting that can accentuate the space and provide the perfect lit-up place for games. Before you commit, you can check out what this will look like using 3D visualization software and give you a strong idea of how it will translate to your own home.

A Cinema Space (That Doubles Up As Gaming Space)

Going to go the whole hog and commit to your love of movies? Studies suggest that people actually enjoy watching movies at home more than they do going to the cinema, and a comfy room where you can even hit the pause button if you need to go to the toilet, can be the ideal space for watching the latest hits.

People who go to this extent and get a projector or a big screen can also very easily connect to other gaming platforms such as consoles, and a PC, which can drive your gaming experience. Imagine playing on a 100-inch screen, it is bound to be a new experience, right? Cinema spaces don’t take a lot of converting to also be gaming spaces, and you can sit with your controller in hand exploring visually stunning games like you’ve never seen them before.

Gaming spaces like these can be the ideal place to entertain, too, with a group of friends gathering for a tournament or to check out the latest Triple-A game release.

Cool Nods to Gaming

Home design can even make little nods to your love of games. Furniture companies have started to take notice of the trend, and people can now buy things like 8-bit furniture that looks like it should come straight out of Minecraft.

Decor is one clear way to show off your love of gaming at home, and you can add posters and even artwork based on your favorite games with ease. Stunning games have been made so there is no shortage of imagery that can undeniably make your home look great, and show off your love of gaming.

Some companies have even gone a step further and made furniture that is based on the game itself. For example, the Tetris sofa can be rearranged and almost played like a game – not a subtle way to show your love of games, but it is very cool.

You don’t have to go the whole hog and make your home look like the games you love, but if you play a lot of games then this will probably make up part of your lifestyle and you will want to consider this in your home design, even if it is just having a place to play poker.

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