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Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Emergency Locksmith

August 25, 2022

Is this your first time dealing with lock and security issues? If so, it is crucial that you seek assistance from a professional and experienced team of locksmiths.

However, before contacting them, there is a set of questions that you must follow to check the legitimacy of the business and its services. It can serve as your guide if you should trust that locksmith company or look for another. Remember that you are dealing with security issues, so you must be confident that you can rely on them to provide excellent services to ensure your safety.

Top questions to ask before hiring emergency locksmith

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Emergency Locksmith Company

Based on an article on, these are the set of important questions that you must ask before hiring a locksmith to resolve your security issues:

1. Are they offering emergency services?

When you find yourself in an emergency concerning your security and lock systems, the first thing you should ask and look for is a locksmith that provides emergency services.

You can ask your family or friends who live nearby if they know a trusted person who can provide help for your predicament. The internet is also an excellent place to find reliable locksmiths that provide emergency services. To make searching more convenient, you can use keywords like “emergency locksmith in (you are area).”

When you are locked out of your home, ensure that you are in a safe place while searching for a locksmith who can help you enter your home immediately. If you have a car, stay there until they arrive at your place. To ensure your security, you can also stay in a public and well-lit area nearby, like the park.

2. What types of locks can they service for an emergency?

The services that locksmiths provide on a regular or scheduled call are almost identical to the emergency offerings. It’s mainly because any situation concerning the lock system poses a great danger to people living on that property.

Here are some of the most common emergency call-out services:

Changing a lock
Installation of electronic access
Key duplication
Lock replacement
Lock replacement
Lockout services
Placement of a lock
Repair and re-coding of electronic access devices

Some locksmiths specialize in residential, commercial, and automobile locking systems. Ask about their experience, expertise, and work history. It’s best to know what your locksmith can do ahead of time so that you can find out how they can help.

3. Are they licensed and accredited to provide services?

It is crucial to ensure that the locksmith you hire has a license, certification, or accreditation to provide services. Those documents serve as their proof that they are qualified to deliver locksmith services to their clients.

When they can present any of those documents, it means that your chosen locksmith is well-trained and experienced in providing their necessary services. You can trust them to come into your home and solve your problems with your security.

4. How are they fairing with online reviews?

Your chosen locksmith’s online ratings are critical, and you should carefully evaluate them before hiring them.

If you want to check their online ratings and reviews, you can do a quick search on Google. Type the name of the business, add the word “review” and the results should show what their past clients say about them. You can assess their commentaries and ratings if you should hire that locksmith or not.

You can also check other websites to see if other clients left a comment about that locksmith. Here are some of the most common review websites on the internet:


Online reviews may not always tell the whole story, but they can serve as a sign that the company values their customers’ needs by how they handle negative feedback.

5. How do their services cost?

The fees charged by locksmiths vary. Although the cost of a locksmith’s service fee does not necessarily reflect the quality of their work, it can be an indicator you should consider when deciding to hire them.

Prices vary between locksmith companies. Some may charge an hourly rate, while others offer a mix of both. Others may have a fixed price per activity, while others might charge a flat rate for all work.

Do not easily trust locksmiths who charge way less than the average in the industry. Locksmiths will try to keep their prices competitive, but this is not always possible if the price seems too good to be true.

6. Do they provide a lifetime warranty?

Last but not the least, find out if a locksmith offers a guarantee or warranty on their services. Reputable locksmiths should offer at least a 30-day guarantee on their services in case of technical or hardware issues. They should be able to guarantee your satisfaction if they have done their job correctly.

Top questions to ask before hiring emergency locksmith – Key Takeaway

Don’t wait for an emergency to look for a reliable locksmith in your area. As soon as you live in your new place, you should find this service provider so that you will know who to call when you encounter an emergency. Use this set of questions as your guideline in choosing the locksmith to hire.

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