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Top 10 Wall Colour Combinations to Revamp Your Interiors

26 February 2022

Colours have a significant impact on our daily lives. Our emotions, thought patterns, and even our decisions are influenced by all the colours surrounding us. When choosing colours for our homes, we tend to get confused on which colour combinations would make our place look nice, bright and vibrant. Well, it’s really not an easy decision to make.

Top 10 wall colour combinations to revamp interiors

The interior and exterior wall paints we choose determine the visual appearance of our house, so it is imperative we select them cautiously. Here is a series of some top combinations of wall colours that would definitely suit your interiors and your personality.

  • Peach, Blue and Olive Green

Blue and olive green bring a sense of peace and serenity into your indoors. The combination, when paired with various shades of peach, gives your place a refreshing and playful look. Peach is a pastel accent colour that subtly goes with blue and green hues. These colours cast a soothing glow throughout your place when natural light falls on your walls.

  • Butter Yellow and Mint

Mint green makes for an impressive wall colour due to its refreshing energy and outstanding versatility. When coupled with a pastel butter yellow, your walls would be revamped into a trendy look. The contrast that these two colours bring provides a unique and exquisite look to your place. Check out Interior House painting in CT for Connecticut home refurbishments.

  • Burgundy and Ivory

If you are bored of boring wall colour combinations and try out something new and bold, burgundy with ivory might be something you can consider. Any shade of red readily catches our attention, and burgundy is no exception either. These two colours, when combined, instantly appeal to the eye and make an elegant style statement.

  • Dark Blue and Hot Pink

If you like everything pink, this colour combination is for you. The strong duo of hot pink and dark blue is best for a single wall or portion of your home. The unique pair gives away a bright and bubbly feel to your space. You can try out this combination to create a strikingly different ambience amidst your formal colour tones in the rest of your house.

  • Marigold and Greige

Marigold is a happy and bright colour. But when it’s coupled with a neutral grey-beige, also referred to as greige, the pair gives a softer and mellower vibe. While your walls radiate vivid energy wearing the marigold hue, the neutral tones of greige add a delicate sophistication and feel of luxury to your place.

  • Yellow and Lavender

The pair of yellow and lavender makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature, as if you are walking down a meadow. You can opt for this beautiful wall colour combination for your dining space, living room or any other space that is sufficiently large and remains flooded with natural light. The colour scheme shines the most when painted over a vast wall canvas that gives the colours enough space to play.

  • Royal Blue and Tangerine

Bold is the perfect word to define the colours royal blue and tangerine, and things get even bolder when these two work hand in hand on your walls. Your living room would jump back to life with this contrasting wall colour combination. Blue makes for the coolness of your place, while tangerine provides warmth to your interiors.

  • Sunny Yellow with Sky Blue

A playful wall paint combination of sunny yellow and sky blue makes for a perfectly-cozy place for creative people. Both the colours shine beautifully to create a refreshing vibe and set you in a breezy mood. The colour duo would work best on your study walls and keep you going even on the days when you don’t feel like studying or working.

  • Cobalt Blue and Silver

The classic combination of classic silver with cobalt blue livens up our bedroom or living room. The aura created by these colours makes for both a classic and modern vibe. The impression created by the cobalt blue is gracefully complemented by the shiny silver, and your walls look like never before.

  • Sage and Terracotta

The super warm feel of terracotta is well-balanced by the sage, a cooler colour in this combination. The pair creates a perfect vacation vibe inside your house. You feel like your home is located somewhere close to a beach, and you are enjoying a lifelong holiday.

Top 10 wall colour combinations interior refurb

Top 10 Wall Colour Combinations to Revamp Your Interiors Summary

Choose any of the above combinations, and there is no doubt your interiors will get an all-new look and style you never had before. You can check the various wall colour combinations with images online to see which one suits your interiors the best.

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