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Tips On Choosing The Right House For You In Thailand

20 April 2022

Finding the perfect house for you can be a pain regardless of where you are looking, especially if there are many different rules and regulations as well as criteria to consider. While the details of your dream home are entirely up to you, it pays to consider a few essential points if you’re looking to buy a house in Thailand.

Tips on choosing the right house in Thailand

Tips on choosing the right house in Thailand, Southeast Asia

Types of houses

One of the first things you should consider is what type of houses are available in the property market in the country where you are looking. When looking in Thailand, it is important to remember that some types of housing cannot be entirely or even partly owned by foreigners, so you must do your research and stay up to date with all the information available from legitimate sources like the Thai Embassy.

Here we list some of the more common types of housing available in Thailand and some of their key components, so you can decide which one’s right for you:

  • Traditional Thai houses – Well-adapted to the country’s climate and weather, these types of houses are traditionally made from wood and bamboo, are constructed off the ground, and have high ceilings. The high ceilings allow the hot air to rise and keep the rooms cooler, while the substantial distance from the ground helps keep out pests and animals.
  • Westernised detached houses – These are usually constructed using concrete and are popular with Western people who want a taste of home without the high price tag. You should be careful not to go ‘too Western’, though. Instead, try to learn how to integrate Thai interior designs into your Westernised house which can better manage the heat indoors.
  • Townhouses – Usually cheaper than a detached house, a townhouse can be a great option for those who are on a budget but still prefer a house over an apartment.
  • Villas and luxury houses – These are certainly what many people think of when picturing their ideal house, mainly because these types of houses are huge, gorgeous, and often have a pool, garden, and more than one floor. However, the luxurious touches come at a higher cost, so these won’t be for everyone.

Focus on the things you can change

Remember that just because you don’t like one particular aspect of a house, that doesn’t mean it’s not the right house for you. A garden can usually be saved with some makeover, and a hideous living room can be sorted out with the right changes. You can find a few tips to that end here – how to create the ideal living room space. The key is to look for the features and structures that you can’t live without because you can always change the décor or layout later on and these, therefore, don’t have to be prioritised. And if you wish to make adjustments, remember to factor in additional expenses in your overall budget.

Whether you are looking to splash out on a luxurious villa or invest in a low-cost house, think long and hard about what you want out of a new house, double-check the rules and regulations regarding property in the country where you’re looking for your new dream home.

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