5 step guide on how to find perfect new home

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A 5 Step Guide On How To Find The Perfect New Home

14 March 2022

5 step guide on how to find perfect new home
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2022 is still ripe and many of us still have a couple of goals to achieve before the year ends. So if you are somehow stuck or have met a dead end then do not despair, time is the most valuable of all assets and you have loads of it. Our goals for 2022 are different for each and every one of us.

This is because we are all at different places and have different priorities. Others are looking to gain financial stability while others are simply dreaming of getting a new home as KRS Holdings Management Team points out. This article mainly focuses on the latter, it guides potential homeowners on how they can find the perfect new home. Below is the step by step guide on how to accomplish that.

● Check The Security Of The Neighborhood

The security of the area where the new house is located is perhaps the most important factor to consider before finally settling on that new home. No one wants to live in the constant fear of either them or their loved ones getting maimed, robbed or worse. That is what is likely to happen if you do not check the security of that neighborhood beforehand.

For example, people are wondering why move to Scottsdale AZ, here is one reason: its reputation for being one of the safest cities in America. Scottsdale AZ has been recognized for its low crime rate and overall safety which makes it a perfect place to move to. Therefore, always do your research on how secure the neighborhood is before considering any new home.

Determining if a place is secure is quite easy these days. Check if the neighborhood has a security guard or is at least frequented by patrol cars. Also, look for security cameras and verify that they work around the clock and are strategically located. Check the doors and alarm systems and ensure that the house is fully secure before finally moving in.

● Check The Price Range

Price is another important factor to consider when house hunting. There are many good houses but most of them are usually very costly. We are wired to always try to do better, thus when moving houses we usually look for a better place than the one we were in. This is understandable but do not get too caught up in it and end up in a house you can barely afford.

Apart from rent or mortgages, we have other financial responsibilities that we need to take care of. There are utility bills, food, transport cost and school fees just to mention a few. Choose a house that you can easily afford, I would advise you to consider moving only after gaining a semblance of financial stability. This would help you keep your finances in order.

● Conduct A Physical Visit

We are lucky to live in this era where almost every task can be accomplished online. At the touch or press of a button you can make money transfers, buy goods and even buy or rent a house. Like everything else in this life, the online way of doing things also has a few downsides.

Scammers and cons also use the online world to lure and scam unsuspecting people out of their hard earned money. A real estate agent can persuade you to buy a house by showing you several glossy photos which do not depict the actual state of the house. To prevent this, ensure that the realtor gives you a supervised visit of the designated house before signing the home ownership papers.

● Ensure That The House Is Safe

This step goes hand in hand with the previous step, the physical visit gives you the opportunity of determining whether the new house is safe for you and your loved ones. Go through every inch of the house while conducting the house safety check. Check if the floorboards are sturdy or the ceiling is musty.

Check whether the gas supply and water supply systems are leakproof. Ensure the installed piping is from quality TUBOMART piping which are leakproof and ISO certified. This house hunting step should be done thoroughly,employ the services of a skilled help during the process if necessary.

● Follow The Due Process

You have followed all the steps and finally settled on a house then this should be the final step for you. Many people fail to properly carry out this step due to haste. Do not be one of them, you have already endured the hard part and this step is really simple.

Check that the house has no prior legal issues, do a check to confirm the real owner of the house and minimize the risk of getting conned. Also ensure that any damages to the house are repaired before you move in to avoid being charged unnecessarily.

5 step guide on how to find perfect new home Conclusion

If you are aiming to move into a new house in 2022 then this article is a must read for you. Presently, the financial situation is not so rosy for many of us. This article is a comprehensive guide for those faced with the arduous task of house hunting, follow these steps and I guarantee that you will be living in your dream home before the end of the year.

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