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Three Casinos Built to Impress

16 Mar 2021

When you think of the casino industry, you think of money changing hands, high-stakes and a fast-paced environment where people win, and some people lose. This is a very grand occasion for those who are involved, whether you are a casino regular or a newbie visiting their chosen casino for the first time. My word Bons Casino takes care of its new players and offers them a lot of nice bonuses!

Three Casinos Built to Impress

Three Casinos Built to Impress – Key Buildings

The magic that happens inside a casino is often aided by the buildings we play inside. These are incredible, giving the feel of grandeur to the occasion. So much so that some casinos around the world have been recognised for their architectural beauty, even by those who have no interest in casino gaming.

With the rise of internet casinos we have seen many people take their gaming online, to take advantage of more games, ways to play and of course the convenience of not having to leave the home at all. However, that hasn’t stopped the brick-and-mortar casinos from pushing ahead, evolving and adding extras to make their buildings an incredibly special place to visit.

But where should you head if you want to find those really grand casinos that stand out from the crowd? We go around the world here to pick out three casinos that attract visitors by offering a grand piece of architecture, as well as strong gaming options.

Morpheus Casino, Macau

Macau is one of two places in the world where casino gaming really takes centre stage, and there are many venues for people to choose from. Here, you need to stand out and the Morpheus Casino in Macau has decided to try and do that by being the most visually impressive casino in the area.

To build, this casino cost a huge amount of money, $1.1 billion in total, so there was no expense spared when putting it together. The casino was designed by Zaha Habid, who completed this and as an architect, became the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize before she died back in 2016.

This is not only a beautiful building, but also one that is huge. With a 42 story building housing the casino and a hotel, the box of needing to stand out has certainly been ticked. When it comes to the gaming element of things, over 500 gaming tables, a special VIP section and a wide variety of games, the Morpheus Casino has everything you need in Macau.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio is a name that many people will have heard of and in terms of fame, it is without a doubt one of the most popular casinos anywhere in the world. If you want to know how impressive this casino really is, just look at where it has been used over the years, for TV shows, in films and even in music videos.

To make The Bellagio stand out, a huge 14,000ft garden is used to add decorative and floral pieces, in a bid to work with the structure of the building and create something very impressive. The design secret of casinos is to offer no time element, so no clocks on the wall and an enclosed feel, so that people stay for far longer than they intended.

With a casino as grand and as big in the industry as this one, it should come as no surprise to know there are no clocks in this casino, a quirk it is well-known for.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

If it’s good enough for James Bond then it’s good enough for us, the Casino De Monte Carlo is not only steeped in history, has been used in films and offers amazing views out to sea, but it is also a genuinely great casino.

The building was originally built back in the 19th century, and because of that many of the decorative pieces inside, including statues and artwork, are very dated and add a real antique feel. There has been a lot of work put into this building on the inside, adding to the sheer beauty and quality we see on the outside.

Monaco is a place where the very wealthy people head for their holidays, and those who are in the highest bracket of wealth may even live there. They need a grand place to visit when a night at the casino is their chosen entertainment, and the Casino De Monte Carlo certainly offers them that.

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