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A Strategic Approach to Sequential Remodeling

10 February 2024

When working on a new renovation project, taking a strategic approach can help you improve efficiency while significantly cutting down on your costs.

Designing a new living room, kitchen, or bathroom can take you a very short time if you know the important things that need to be done first. If you are not sure how to tackle your house renovation and remodeling project, consider hiring an experienced contractor to assist you.

Home bedroom sequential remodeling

When Remodeling a Home What Should Be Done First?

If you want to create a better living room space for your family by remodeling a part of your home, this article can help you. Important information can also be found online if you visit the websites of some of the top contractors in California.

Consider the following as you plan your home renovations:

Design, Plans, Funding, and Permits

What are the first steps in home renovation? Design and plan your entire project on paper before you make any physical alterations to your home. Planning a home renovation properly takes a lot of effort.

You have to make sure you prepare for every possibility while staying within your home remodeling budget so that you do not quickly exhaust whatever funding the project has. Also, during the planning phase is the best time to check if your project will need any special permits to be approved.


Next, you will need the right contractor with years of experience in similar projects. If they have a webpage, you can visit the site and go to their services section. Here you can decide whether the contractor can offer better terms of service and a more affordable cost of the bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel.

However, be careful when choosing a contractor. Some companies’ partners may store your sensitive data in the form of cookies without you knowing. If that is the case, you can withdraw your consent for the project and find a more reliable contractor who can finish the job in time with effect from the day you sign the contract.


Once you are ready to begin the renovation, you may need to start by demolishing certain sections of your home. This is a very dangerous activity that must only be done by licensed professionals. Various demolition techniques are used to make the site ready for your renovation project.


Once the standing structure has been torn down, you can move on to the carpentry. Depending on the scope of the project renovations, a great idea may be to rebuild extensively or simply frame a few new walls in certain areas.

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC

Three very important parts of your home improvement renovations will be the plumbing, electrical work, and HVAC installation. How you design and plan the bathroom and kitchen plumbing depends on the scope of the project and your overall objectives.

Together with the HVAC installation, plumbing, and electrical work are considered “behind the scenes” activities that need to be completed before you move on. In big projects, this could mean full rewiring and plumbing of your home.

Strategic approach to sequential remodeling

Windows, Drywall, and Insulation

Next, it will be time to install the new windows and doors while renovating your home. There are many types to choose from, each with its own merits, so be careful when deciding. You can do a bit of research to make sure you go for trendy designs.

Insulation also needs to be added to the walls before the drywall can go up. There are many types of insulation you can choose, after which the drywall will be added in a multi-layer process.

Non-supportive Fine Carpentry

Besides the major carpentry work, such as framing, there is also fine carpentry that is required in a complete home remodeling project. This can be anything from the addition of bookcases to the creation of nooks that can be used as home offices. Fine carpentry is an important step that can give a home its character.


Next, paint the room in your chosen colors according to what you are going to use it for. There are many types of paint to choose from. If, for example, you are conducting a bathroom remodeling project, specialized paints made for such areas of the home can be used.

Painting is one of the most fun stages of the home remodeling project because it allows you to explore so many exciting options. Feel free to change your default paint colors if you want to spice things up.


Many people use home renovation projects as a chance to upgrade their flooring by, for example, installing some new hardwood floors or other specialized flooring for kitchens. If you decide to remodel your bathroom, you can choose from a wide variety of tiles that will give your room a unique look.

Cabinets and Appliances

Renovations in the bathrooms and kitchens also come with the need to install cabinets and appliances. Ideally, this should be done after the kitchen and bathroom flooring has been completed. You can pre-plan, design, and remodel space according to the various important fixtures for the room. Design cabinets to easily store or retrieve items whenever they are needed.


The finishing touch will be the exterior of the house. Even though it is reserved for last, how you design the curb appeal of your house will have a huge impact on how it is judged by those who see it.

Since one of the major reasons why people undertake massive home renovation projects is to increase the resale value, how you design the exterior is very important. Consider colors and designs that are trending so that your home can easily fetch a higher price on the market.

Final Thought

If you are not careful regarding how you approach your remodeling project, you can easily exceed your home renovation budget and waste a lot of time redoing some aspects of the process. The best thing would be talking with a local contractor to understand the budget and stages. You can call Golden Heights home renovations to get a free quote and talk to professionals.

You can prevent such issues in the future by visiting the websites of the top-rated contractors in the state. Here, they regularly create content and invite you to “review our updated and completed information” regarding how best to plan a proper remodeling project.

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