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Staging A New Build Show Home: Practical Tips

19 July 2022

Staging a new build show home is what could make or break your profit. Home buyers go to property viewings to ensure that it is the right place for them and that they can envision leading their life there. If you put effort into staging the show home, you will help them see what it would look like if they chose to purchase your property. We put together a few practical tips on how to stage a new build show home. This way, you will raise your chances of getting more offers and a quick sale.

Staging A New Build Show Home

Staging A New Build Show Home Advice

Remove All The Construction Clutter

Every house build or reconstruction work comes with a lot of clutter. Whether it is packaging from the used material or any debris, it is vital that you remove it from the house. Potential buyers should not see any remnants of the building works. Present them with a clean space they can imagine living in. Show them what the house would look like if they decided to proceed with the purchase and settle there. With no clutter or debris in or around the property, it will look like the house has always been there and will make it fit within its surroundings more easily.

Influence Where The Potential Buyers Look First

To guide home buyers throughout the viewing, you can create focal points in each room and show all the different features the house offers. For example, if you focus on a living room, you could arrange together a couple of comfortable armchairs with pillows, a coffee table and a bookshelf in the background. Another feature of the building you could highlight is the heating system. If you choose to install column radiators on the property, you can pick from various sizes, colours and finishes. When you choose your column radiator from providers with a wide selection like Designer Radiators Direct, it will easily become an important part of the interior design and compliment the overall look.

Make Sure The House Is Clean
Besides removing all the clutter and debris, you must also ensure the house is clean. Make sure that there are no footprints, dust or other dirt from building works. Clean the floors and make all the surfaces in the house shiny. The first impression plays a huge role in the decision-making, especially if someone is looking to buy a new house. Potential buyers would be less inclined to buy the property if they noticed any dirt or mess. To maximise the chances of getting more offers and striking a good deal, make sure that the house is spotless and looks ready to be lived in.

It Is All About The Details
If you want to impress potential buyers during the viewing, details are very important. Putting effort into decorating the interior can become the factor that will, in the end, land you a quick sale. Taking your place in buyers’ good books can be as easy as staging pillows on the bed, laying a throw over the sofa or adding a couple of books on the shelf. When the buyers see the accessories, it will be easier to envision what their life could look like when living on the property.

Make The House Look Comfortable And Homely
When staging a property, ensure that it looks natural, like a family could come home through the door at any moment. Making the house look comfortable and homely will help the buyers see themselves spending time on the property. This way, you can also give them inspiration regarding what they could do with the interior to make it more of their style and taste. On the other hand, if the interior seems too cold and unnatural to the buyers, they might look elsewhere. Decorating the house to look warm and homely will get you far in your profit-making efforts.

Liven Up The House With Fresh Colours
Including fresh colours throughout the house will help you to give the interior more personality. It will also make the property feel more homely and warm. However, ensure that all the colours complement each other. With the fresh colours, buyers will see that the possibilities of your new build property are endless. Show them the full potential of the property, and you will surely get many offers for the new build. Seeing interesting colour combinations will also help them to see how they would like to decorate their new home and ensure what their home décor preferences are.

Start To Make A Good Impression Even Before People Get Inside
Potential buyers start to create an opinion on the house even before they set their foot in. Ensure that the surroundings of the house are clean and there is no clutter around. Make the front of the house presentable. The entrance door should be clean and look inviting. Perhaps you could plant some flowers near the entrance or at least place there some plant pots with flowers. This way, the building will look like it is well taken care of. It will also seem more welcoming and warm. Staging the front garden will let the potential buyers imagine what they could do with their new home. The first impression matters, so you should make the viewing memorable right from the front door.

Do Not Forget About The Garden
When you are staging a show home, you should not forget about the garden. Make sure that the lawn is in good condition. Other than that, it does not need to be difficult. You could place some planters with flowers to make the garden feel more welcoming. You might also decorate the garden with a couple of chairs and a table. Like this, potential buyers can imagine themselves relaxing in the garden and enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Show the buyers that the garden is an important part of the property and can make their living in the house better.

Show Off Everything The House Can Offer
Potential buyers go to house viewing to see if the property is up to their standards. However, they also want to see for themselves if they could imagine living there and make the place feel like home. When staging the house, ensure that you show off all the main purposes the house can have. People who work from home might appreciate seeing a working corner in the show home.

You should also put effort into staging areas such as the living room, kitchen or bedrooms. Show the buyers that the living room is an area where they can spend time with their family. More and more people have a kitchen on the top of the list of criteria when they are choosing a new house. That is why you should ensure that it looks presentable. Then, you can show them that the bedroom can be a place where they truly relax at the end of a busy day.

Prepare For Success
Once you clean and stage the house, you can prepare for many viewing appointments. When done with care and effort, you can rest assured that potential buyers will notice and appreciate the hard work.

By staging the show home, you will help them to see all the possibilities the property offers. It will also help them to envision themselves making the place their home. In the end, you will see that staging the home pays off. There will be more buyers asking for viewings, and there are high chances that one of them will want to proceed with the purchase soon after.

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