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Real Estate Listing Agreement

5 Apr 2021

Real Estate Listing Agreement guide
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Real Estate Listing Agreement: Selling a Home “As Is”

If you’re always on the move, you always have something to manage, you’re busy, have kids, and then sell your dwelling just the way it is can be the way for you. If you’re on this website, you must probably want to sell your house the way it is.

Your house may have things that need tweaking, e.g., loose plumbing, an old kitchen, squeaky floors, etc. How would you know if the time, effort, and money used to fix everything are still worth fixing for possible buyers?

If you are still on the fence about selling your house without fixing anything, then read on:

What does Selling Your House “As Is” Mean for Your Home?

Selling your house the way it entails that you won’t repair or improve your dwelling for potential buyers. It tells the buyers that what you see is what you get. Buyers can also envision what they want to change and improve in your home, including this when selling the place. Usually, potential buyers who buy houses like this have a creative thumb. For a low price, these buyers can score a durable home and redecorate it.

This type of selling is marketed for individuals such as yourself who want to sell it immediately without paying to get it remolded again. When you assign a real estate agent to sell the house for you, typically two percent to three percent charge has to be paid when they sell the property and when they bring a client to purchase your house. You can choose to sell your home, and an agent will take care of the rest.

The Main Benefits of Selling Your Home This Way

It is Money-Saving

Home improvements and repairs would cost you significantly, and you wouldn’t even be spending in the house yourself. Being bankrupt because of these repairs is not worth it; it is much better to sell your house as-is – it makes much more sense if you weigh the costs of repairing and just leaving it.


Spending money on repairs and waiting for them to finish can be a hassle, especially if you want to sell the house immediately. Waiting for the repairs to finish can feel like an eternity when you want it to be over with.

There is a good chance that the potential buyers of your home will pay in cash. As a result, the closing process will move on much faster than average. You will be avoiding the process of mortgage approval, which usually slows the process of selling.

How Can you Sell The House In This Way?

The steps you have to follow are the same as any home sale, except you don’t have to stress your home’s staging. It is less work than the norm; who doesn’t want that? To get an idea of how to start this journey, read the following tips:

Call Your Local Real Estate Agent

An agent will help you set up a realistic price. These agents will make a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA will research similar houses and how much people will sell their homes in your area. With this, you can sell your house for a fair price, and the price won’t turn buyers off. With these agents’ help, you can avoid the experience of your home sitting on the market for an extended period.

Additionally, they have access to a service called the multiple listing service (MLS). It is a database for home-listings that only these professionals can use. It can make the experience easier for you since you can contact interested buyers.

Be Honest to Your Potential Buyers

Inspect your house before listing so you can be honest with them. Showing a report that discloses everything can benefit you because you’re straightforward and have nothing to hide. After finding out the cost for everything, tell your potential buyers, then set a realistic price after doing the math.

You have to disclose your home’s defects after a home inspection; this can benefit you in the future. Some potential buyers don’t have a problem with this, and some care deeply about this; it’s best to be honest in the first place. Check the laws in your state about the disclosure reports; you can also ask your agent about this. Some state that the buyer must learn about the defects themselves – the seller can choose not to disclose them.

When you have all the information to provide to your buyers, they will see that you’re an honest seller, and this can be an aspect that will make them fall in love with your home faster.

Real Estate Listing Agreement Conclusion

Placing your house for listing just the way it is now provides you with more advantages than disadvantages. You can avoid the time and effort used for the place you want to sell; it would be much better to utilize it in your new home.

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