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Online betting in Canada – How to bet online

17 Jun 2021

Online betting in Canada - How to bet online

Online betting in Canada is an activity commonly engaged in across the country by the young and old alike. Despite the popularity of physical casinos, more and more people are changing their preference for online betting due to its convenience and accessibility.

However, if you are new to online betting, you may be a little confused about where and how you can easily bet online if you are based in Canada. This is because the government regulates several betting sites in Canada to ensure that safe betting practices are maintained by both the users and the companies themselves.

So popular is online betting in Canada that it is ranked above the United States as it pertains to online betting options. The most preferred betting sites by users in Canada offer a wide array of choices to bet on local sports and international sports. This is a guide to the best picks for you to place your bets online easily, as well as exploring what gambling in Canada looks like to ensure you have all the tools you need to win your bets.

Best picks for online betting in Canada

In writing this guide, we thoroughly reviewed several betting sites in Canada to find out those that were licensed and regulated by the Canadian government before recommending them. These gambling sites include Betway, which was voted as Canada’s best betting site as of 2021, Spin Sports, preferred for its excellent user interface and high-end design, Bodog, preferred due to its lasting presence in the Canadian betting market; 10Bet, preferred for its amazing deals and promotions especially on football matches, and Sports Interaction, preferred by most users for its excellent live betting options. More information on these sites can be found in the next section and on the page.

Reviews on online betting sites in Canada

The rest of this page will focus on exploring the online betting market in Canada and what factors you should consider when selecting an online betting site in Canada. However, the guide won’t get into the intricate details of what users can look forward to when using these online betting sites. At the time of writing this guide, the aforementioned online betting sites had an average rating of 9/10, according to the users.

Why you should consider online sports betting in Canada

As of now, there are only 16 licensed online betting sites in Canada. For a country with such a large and vibrant population, that is a really low number. People that live close to a physical betting shop may find that they have options when it comes to betting, but for those who are not so lucky to live close to one, online betting may be a more feasible option.

Further, most physical betting shops in Canada have a set limit on what one can bet. Some of these betting sites do not allow betting on single games but limit the bets to parlays which may be very disappointing for first-time betters who would prefer single bets.

At the moment, there are bills being pushed by committee aimed at broadening the available betting options while also accruing revenue through taxes which goes to support Canada’s national teams. If these bills go through, the overall online betting experience in Canada will significantly improve, primarily through the promotion of safe betting practices.

Why online betting sites in Canada are the best solution for your bets

Upon signing up for the first time and placing a bet, one could expect bonuses from some online betting sites like Betway, aimed at encouraging first-time users to bet more frequently. Secondly, one has the chance to bet on single games as opposed to betting on a parlay. Finally, due to its accessibility, online betting sites provide a more convenient option for betting rather than going to a physical betting store, especially during harsh weather.

Tips for online betting in Canada

While Canadian online betting may be quite different from that in the United States, the UIGEA policy that prevents operators from accepting bets from United States citizens does not apply to Canadians.

Provinces in Canada are responsible for enforcing gambling and betting laws, and as a result, some provinces have established online betting sites aimed at diverging the profits accrued back to the provinces. Canada played a significant role in the promotion of gambling across the world since most founding companies have their roots in this large North American country. As a result, online betting in Canada is trusted by many due to its longevity in the online gambling scene.

Additionally, there’s a gambling commission that is responsible for issuing licenses and ensuring that online betting companies uphold safe practices so as to curb addiction and other fatalities that may arise from poor gambling practices.

Types of online betting in Canada

Contrary to popular opinion, sports betting is not the only accessible option in this country. There are several online Canadian sites where patrons can enjoy playing video poker, slots, and table games, just to name a few. Various sources have shown that playing games like online poker are perfect for players to sharpen their skills with lower stakes rather than in front of a group of people.

Additionally, there are several all-in-one online betting sites in Canada, which means that one does not have to join multiple online betting sites. These betting sites offer different betting options under the same roof and ensure that users are able to place their bets easily and swiftly.

The current gambling market in Canada

According to the Canada Gaming Association, online betting sites in Canada accrue close to $15 billion annually. As of 2017, Canada ranked 10th overall in the world for most losses in gambling per adult, following countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia closely. Locally, Ontario leads in provinces with the highest lottery ticket sales just before Quebec and British Columbia in the top three.

This is a lucrative and thriving industry, and given its popularity, the industry will be here for a long time to come.

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