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NFT Collection by VerseProp and PLP Architecture News

12 July 2022

PLP Labs and VerseProp Launch

PLP Architecture and VerseProp join forces to launch NFT collection

• PLP Architecture’s research group PLP Labs is working in collaboration with Metaverse property platform VerseProp to launch a range of 5000 NFTs, each with a valuable commercial utility.

• Through the project, the team is exploring the role of architects and designers on the blockchain and in the Metaverse, from the use of smart contracts through to virtual design services.

• PLP have designed a concept building that is used as the basis for the NFT collection, based on the research work of PLP Labs.

NFT Collection by VerseProp and PLP Architecture
images : PLP Architecture

VerseProp and PLP Architecture Launch NFT Collection

PLP Labs, the research and innovation arm of PLP Architecture, is working in collaboration with leading metaverse property platform VerseProp to launch a range of 5000 NFTs (Non- Fungible Tokens). The tokens will not only give buyers the owning rights to a unique digital artwork but also access to exclusive content embedded into the tokens, from webinar tickets and physical artwork through to the chance to work with PLP to design their own building in the Metaverse.

NFT Collection by VerseProp and PLP Architecture

The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between those interested in both digital and physical real-estate, with content that is designed to appeal to both audiences and that is accessible to all. Virtual guidance sessions will ensure that those new to NFTs can still buy tokens and engage with content, without the need to dive too deep into the blockchain.

NFT Collection by VerseProp and PLP Architecture

Through the collaboration, PLP Labs are exploring the role of the architect in the metaverse. It raises key questions such as: Can design services be tokenized or distributed through smart contracts? To what extent is the Metaverse a space for real-world designers? The Metaverse and digital real estate will play an increasingly important role in our lives and PLP believes that it is their responsibility to investigate where they can add value and cross over the digital boundary.

NFT Collection by VerseProp and PLP Architecture

PLP has designed a concept building that has been used as the basis for the digital collection. The technology opens new opportunities for artists and designers to benefit from their digital artwork. Now, individuals can own unique pieces and – through sales and in-built royalty clauses in smart contracts – designers can get paid for their work each time an NFT changes hands.

The project aims to launch the minting of the tokens later in the summer, meaning that individual tokens will be on sale for the first time and uploaded onto the blockchain.

For updates on how to engage with the project, follow VerseProp and PLP Architecture on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Discord – all links and handles are below.

NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens Background

Within each category of NFT, every token will be unique with a range of different interchangeable variables Each NFT will be animated, showing a dynamic range of movement and colouring

All the NFTs are based on a PLP Labs designed concept, but different categories express different elements of the project

PLP Labs is the research and innovation arm of PLP Architecture. Their research is far-ranging, from design and technology to anthropology and social sciences. They collaborate with leading experts from around the world across a wide spectrum of disciplines. This multi-disciplinary approach is fundamental to how they work. By bringing in more voices and perspectives they can arrive at new and more successful solutions.

They are currently working on a wide range of projects. This includes exploring how to measure and value health and wellbeing in offices with wearable technologies, creating virtual places to share knowledge, rethinking mobility systems in cities with AEV networks and exploring the future of sustainable materials such as wood and mycelium.

PLP Architecture is a London-based studio of architects, designers and researchers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire. The practice has produced some of the world’s greenest, most intelligent and ground-breaking designs through a profound commitment to social, economic and environmental values.

Led by an experienced and dedicated group of partners who have worked together for more than three decades, we draw from a rich history and experience working together across a diverse portfolio of more than 500 projects around the world. We value innovation and creativity and strive to test conventional limits, producing intelligent, ground-breaking and exciting designs. We work across typologies and beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, interiors and master planning services, providing branding and positioning research, engagement strategies, and graphic, interior, product and furniture design.

VerseProp is a virtual real estate advisory platform founded in 2021 by Joel Coren, a former London and New York Executive at CBRE and Savills PLC.

Having completed a capital raise earlier this year from a suite of global investors, including leading names in the UK property industry, the company is scheduled to launch its marketplace in Q4 2022. VerseProp’s proprietary platform utilises blockchain technology that will allow its customers to buy, sell and rent virtual property across major metaverses.

VerseProp is the first metaverse platform to focus on transforming virtual real estate into a professional, institutional asset class. Its founding partners, operational team and advisory board are all focused on bridging the gap between the traditional real estate sector and emerging Web 3.0 technology.

“The property industry has long been a laggard in its adoption of new technologies, and our aim at VerseProp is to change that. We want to ensure that professional and retail investors alike have the opportunity to capitalise on an emerging asset class ripe with opportunity.

VerseProp is positioning itself as the go-to metaverse professional services firm, and our first-of-its-kind collaboration with globally- recognised studio PLP Architecture is a testament to the high calibre of partners we are aligning ourselves with.”
– Joel Coren, Founder & CEO.

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