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Most Unusual Hotels for an Unforgettable Date

10 April 2022

Whether you are already in a relationship that is slowly losing its spark or you are currently searching for your very first date, arranging an outing with your partner can make everything fall into place. A change of scenery works wonders to reignite the spark in your relationship, but if you have met someone on a dating site, you will still have to arrange an unforgettable first date to strengthen the bond. Arranging an unforgettable date at one of the most unusual hotels around the world may very well be the change you need.

Most unusual hotels for date

How to Find Dates in Any Place in the World

Traveling and dating mix perfectly well, so long as you know how to take the lead and socialize while exploring a new destination. However, if you want quick results, nothing works better than a dating site. You simply need to find a popular site and ask, “Where are all the girls for a hookup near me?” and you will find matches.

Interestingly, you can initiate a local search, or you can use location filters to look for partners somewhere you are planning to go next. You can even use a dating site first, connect with people around the world, and plan your trip according to where you find a partner.

Besides using dating sites, you can take other simple steps to increase your chances of finding a dating partner. For instance:

  • Simply choosing to travel with a tour operator can help you socialize better. Beyond those cheesy buses and flag-toting guides are opportunities to find a date when traveling with group tours.
  • Once you land, consider visiting an ex-pat bar, and you might connect with the wayward wanderers who congregate for a taste of home. Expect a date when everyone you meet is feeling buzzed and familiar with each other.
  • Travel to attend a festival, and you will connect with people who have similar interests. Culinary. Music. Oktoberfest. Art. Pick anything, and there will be an event to attend and make new acquaintances.
  • Pick a social hotel to interact with other travelers. You can find luxury resorts as well as cheap hotels with lots of lounges and impressive community-building activities. Pick a hotel with mesmerizing architecture, and you can always ask someone to help you understand the history behind those intricate designs.

Most unusual hotels for an unforgettable date

Where to Arrange an Unforgettable Date

Online dating sites are quite exciting and interesting. With their chat rooms, you can connect with others sitting anywhere in the world. Not only can you make friends, but you can also ask for suggestions to arrange your first date.

If you start a discussion on a dating site, you will be amazed to find exactly how many people are interested in picking an unusual hotel as a venue for their first date. Here are some great options for those seeking ultra-luxury places to get to know their dating partner better.

Mustang Monument Resort – Nevada, USA

Located just south of Wells, Nevada, the resort offers a unique safari and adventure experience for you and your dating partner. It covers about 2350 square kilometers and is an eco-friendly option for its patrons. The architecture here is just outstanding, with all the luxury teepees, private rooms, and cottages furnished so tastefully to impress all its guests. Though you find ranch-house-themed rooms, make no mistake about the hotel delivering a luxury experience.

Hobbit House – Montana, USA

This self-catering accommodation can serve as an outstanding first-date venue for you and your online dating partner. With series attention to detail, this secluded getaway becomes something out of this world. Well, literally, it takes you to another world – the strange Tolkien’s world, that is. It is a treat for any “Lord of the Rings” fan, and they will not forget the experience they get exploring trees that look like friendly Ents. The handmade furnishings, a plush media system, and the internet keep you connected with the rest of the world.

Queen Mary Hotel – California, USA

Built in Scotland back in the 1930s, the luxury liner has always been a choice for rich people and top celebrities. Feel like a celebrity by arranging a date at this historic 343-room Art Deco Hotel. Have fun eating in a 5-star restaurant while enjoying your favorite music from your own iPod dock. You can also benefit from one of many paranormal, historical, and educational tours.

727 Fuselage Home – Costa Rica

A visit to this unusual hotel tells you what creativity and recycling can achieve. It is a true architectural masterpiece, and you will love how they have turned a rusty airport graveyard into an outstanding Jungle canopy by the coastline. Enjoy the company of your dating partner while getting a bird’s eye view from the balconies.

Levin Iglut – Levi, Finland

How unusual does it sound to arrange your date in one of those magical igloos in Finland? Watching snow gather outside of the window while enjoying the company of your dating partner can transport you to a different world. Each igloo is big in architecture and decorated perfectly. You will love watching the Northern Lights from your room.

The Shell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Get ready to live inside the shell with your beloved dating partner you have just found through online dating sites. Make it a treat of their life by arranging a date at this outstanding hotel that lets you smell the sea and hear the Caribbean waters all the time. Again, the architecture catches your eye instantly, as your room is a rounded shell built from concrete. The shell-themed bathrooms are exceptional, especially the sink made of conch shells and the towel racks that use seashells.


It is true that everybody’s different. For some, a romantic getaway may be more about stunning scenery, flawless architecture, and glorious solitude. For others, it may be about staying in a five-star luxury hotel with some poolside pampering.

But then, you will also meet the “adventure” lovebirds who rank high-adrenaline spots higher than rest and relaxation. Picking a good hotel or resort can offer something for everyone to enjoy.

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