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How to take incredible travel photos?

16 Dec 2021

How to take incredible travel photos guide

Where are you planning to go on your vacation? Whether it’s spending time at the beach, relaxing in the city, hiking or traveling to the other side of the world, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those special moments and bring back the memories of your trip home.

To create more evocative travel photos, check out our tips for creating impactful travel shots. Successful travel photographers like Alexander Vershinin, Sacha Dean Biyan, Annapurna Mellor, and others use these tips. We’ll help you choose the best camera settings so you can take even brighter photos while traveling and excite the envy of your social media followers!

5 tips for incredible travel photos

  1. Follow the rule of thirds

Understanding the most basic and classic rule of photography can help you get more harmonious shots. To understand it, you have to mentally divide your image into nine equal parts so that the two horizontal and two vertical lines intersect.

The aim is to put the important parts of the picture in these sections, as well as framing the picture so that it is pleasant to look at.

To make the rule of thirds easier to apply, you can turn on the grid display in your camera settings. Experienced photographers do not need to turn on this grid.

Before starting to compose an image it is worth asking yourself the following questions: What is of most interest in the image? Where should you place the objects in the grid? By paying attention to such details, you will get more attractive photos.

  1. Take pictures from an unusual angle, using an articulating display

New angles will make your photos special. Some cameras have articulating displays that allow you to choose from a variety of shooting angles. Hold the camera over your head or place it on the ground, then rotate the display to get a composite shot in Live View. Stand at attention, squat down, and shoot from a variety of positions to create truly unique photographic memories of your trip.

  1. Play with shadows

If you’re lucky, the sun will shine at your destination; however, the presence of the sun also means the presence of shadows. Don’t be afraid of high contrast scenes! Using the spot (center) metering mode, set the exposure on the highlights of the scene and watch how contrasty the shadows will appear. After you set the exposure settings, choose your composition and take your picture. Experiment with shadows from palm trees on the beach or try to capture how the sunrays shine through the window of a cafe where you went to have a snack.

To get such clear, high-contrast shadows you need to shoot with the sun shining brightly; at the same time, choose a moment when the sun is low on the horizon for a long and soft shadow effect.

  1. Take close-ups with a macro lens

Close-ups usually provide a more expressive shot, but to create them you need to put a macro lens on your camera. Take pictures of the smallest details and unusual objects that other tourists may not have noticed.

Even if you don’t have a camera with an interchangeable lens, you can find the details that make the place you’re visiting special and take some creative photos.

  1. Use lighting

Remember that the best time for landscape photography is when the sun is partially below the horizon and its light is softer – primarily the so-called “golden hour,” which is after sunrise and before sunset. Shooting at noon in bright sunlight will result in harsh shadows and overexposed areas in photos.

If you photograph against the sun during sunset (or any other time), people or objects in the foreground are likely to turn into silhouettes. Do not be afraid, because this is a great way to convey the atmosphere of what’s going on! For more expressive photos, try to photograph the subject directly in front of the sun, and look for interesting and distinct shapes.

How to take incredible travel photos guide – summary

Using these simple tips, you will make your travel photos brighter, more interesting, more attractive. Remember that in order for the photo to turn out beautiful and original, you need to relax. Relaxation is one of the easiest ways to get a state of flow.

To do this while traveling, you can read a book, watch a video on YouTube or a series on Netflix (how to watch movies on Netflix using free dns codes is described here). Remember that photography is not something boring and routine. Photography is the meaning of life or a particular moment that is captured in a photo.

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