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Most Stunning Casinos in the World Guide

26 Oct 2021

Stepping onto the floor of a luxurious resort casino can feel a bit like you’re an extra in a Bond film. The opulence of some of the world’s high-end casinos is truly staggering. The marble floors and plush furniture highlight the gold touches, and everything seems to glitter. And that’s not even mentioning the guests in evening wear moving from table to table. It seems like a sliver from another world.

Most Stunning Casinos in the World

Most Stunning Casinos in the World List

Many of the world’s most stunning casinos are in locations that would make for a wonderful vacation. They are found scattered across the European capitals and in Asian metropolises like Singapore and Macau.

Luckily, these days even if you don’t live near a casino you can play online as well. Online casinos can provide all of the same games as a traditional casino, but you’ll have to provide the glitz yourself. Let’s look at some of the most stunning casinos in the world.

Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden, Germany

Casino Baden-Baden is a perfect example of a Belle Époque-era resort casino. Built in the 1820s and inspired by the style of Versailles and French royalty, the casino is a celebration of classic elegance. The jewel of the casino is the Florentiner Saal.

This room features dramatic chandeliers, alcoves with classical statuary, and elaborate murals across the walls and ceiling. Modern additions have worked to blend the new and old with the use of glass paneling and modernistic chandeliers.

In its nearly 200 years of operation, the casino has seen a number of famous faces grace its tables, including Marlene Dietrich. A trip to Casino Baden-Baden was what inspired Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler – a tale about the overwhelming allure of the roulette wheel.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a striking resort casino that stands above the bay, which reflects its glimmering lights at night. The resort complex includes a three-acre rooftop park, a museum, restaurants, a theater, and the largest atrium casino in the world. Its watery surroundings are reflected in the interior design, with swirling patterns and supports throughout the building.

The Marina Bay Sands was designed by Moshe Safdie who has said that its three towers were meant to resemble decks of cards. Safdie is known for his commitment to socially responsible design and his use of striking geometric forms. He is perhaps best known for Habitat 67 in Montréal, the iconic modular urban development built for the 1967 Expo.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Outside of Pretoria lies Sun City, a resort with an array of casinos on the property. The resort is composed of several themed subresorts. The Palace of the Lost City is the most beautiful and elaborate of the resorts. It resembles a temple with domed turrets, nestled in the forest and towers over the surrounding countryside.

The casino in The Palace of the Lost City is adorned like the rest of the hotel with mosaics, fountains and white marble. It blends colonial elegance with African stylistic elements. The resort also features the Soho Hotel Casino. This is a more modern location, which embraces the jungle theme.

WinStar World, Thackerville, Oklahoma

WinStar World Casino might not be the most beautiful or glamorous destination on this list, but its sheer size is stunning. At 616,900 square feet, WinStar World boasts 7,400 gaming machines with best bingo deposit bonus out there, 100 table and poker games, 21 restaurants and bars and 1,500 hotel rooms. The “world” part of WinStar World’s name comes from the fact that it is divided into plazas based on different parts of the world, with each plaza decorated accordingly.

The plazas are New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Madrid, Rio, Cairo, Rome and Vienna. Besides having themed slot machines and restaurants, each plaza features miniature versions of famous landmarks.

So, in Cairo you can play the slots under the watchful eye of the sphinx, in New York Lady Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge make you feel like you’re in the Big Apple, and in Rome statues and frescos add an Italian flair to the tables.

The casino dominates the landscape, with the exterior a blend of styles and scaled-down landmarks to match the interior plazas. So, we find Big Ben on one corner and a pagoda at another, while guests are able to enter through Madrid’s Puerta de Alcalá or the Doge’s Palace (from Venice), alongside many other features. It is not exactly an attractive building, but it is a uniquely American experience.

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