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Make Your Home Look Expensive on a budget

3 Sep 2023

There are many ways to make your home look elegant and expensive without spending a lot. The secret isn’t rooted in the total amount of money you spend. As a matter of fact, less is more when looking to make your home look expensive.

Make Your Home Look Expensive

But why make your home look expensive?

Obviously, it feels good to live in a well-curated home. Plus, it is a perfect way to boost the value of your home should you plan to sell in the future.

Whether you have lived in the house for more than ten years or just bought a home requiring some updates, the following is how you can make your house expensive on a reasonable budget:

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive without Spending A lot

1.     Declutter

Whether it is an open-plan space or a well-organized small area, decluttering your house is always the most affordable, quickest, and easiest way to make the interior feel luxurious.

Spend a day or two to organize the things you should donate or sell and invest in creative storage solutions, like a chest of drawers, a sideboard, or a stylish woven basket.

2.     Install a Garden Room

As your kids grow older and your family expands, their needs also change. For that reason, you might find your house’s layout doesn’t give you what you need any more, making you think of knocking down walls or constructing an extension to create a residential property, which can fulfill your family’s needs.

Redesigning your house isn’t always the best option. This is why experts believe that installing a garden room with the right supplies can be a suitable solution. All you need is an expert to supply & install garden rooms in just a matter of a few weeks, creating a space you and your family crave without disrupting their lives.

3.     Improve the Window Treatments

A full–length curtain makes a room feel more luxurious and custom. And more importantly, hanging curtain rods high can make the ceilings look higher. This is associated with a luxurious home interior.

If you use curtains, ensure you hang the rods wide and high. Plus, ensure the panels of your curtains are wide and have enough amount of fabric so that they can create folds. With this, your curtains will appear more luxe.

4.     Add Some Area Rugs

Some area rugs are a perfect way of adding life and color to your home, making it appear more expensive. When picking area rugs, it would be best to find the right size. You wouldn’t want your rug to be too large or too small.

Another important thing to consider when choosing an area rug is the type. You will come across different kinds of rugs, all with the pros and cons. For instance, shag rugs are soft and might be a perfect option for bedrooms but aren’t durable.

Make your home look expensive – Bottom Line

You may give your home an expensive look without spending a lot of money in different ways. Improving window treatments, installing a garden room, and decluttering are perfect examples. They are cost-effective but can easily create a plush look.

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