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How to Invest Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate

24 Apr 2021

Investing in real estate is one must-do idea many retirees are beginning to consider. The time real estate used to be a thing for the young is now past. More and more of the older folks now foresee the huge benefits they stand to realize if they invest in real estate, and they are not taking it lightly.

For one, rental properties can provide steady income as a complement to a retirement income. It is a continuous income source that can span generations. With real estate, there is an increased flow of cash which allows for complete independence of income from retirement plans.

Invest Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate

How to Invest Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate Advice

The benefit of investing in real estate as a senior is far-reaching. Apart from serving as an extra source of income, real estate income can to an extent be tax-free. Also, with real estate returns, you won’t have to lay your hands on that precious retirement savings or social security benefits.

Now, that you understand some of the very many benefits of real estate investment as a senior, it’s time to get in. How do you invest in real estate as a senior?

There are a number of ways to join in the real estate business and rake in those annual profits just like the regular real estate pros. You don’t have to be a pro yourself.

Here are some ways to join the real estate work:

Invest In A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Investing your funds in a REIT is like buying shares at the stock exchange. So, the REIT is equivalent to the Stock Exchange. When you use funds in your Roth IRA to invest in a REIT, you don’t need to buy an actual property. You’d just be buying into this company that owns, operates, or finances real estate projects.

Interestingly, REITs can also be traded on an exchange. Yes, the public REITs; and, because of that, they’re easy to be checked in terms of performance and price. They can also decline in value, and have their own risks.

But they offer many more benefits some of which include:

  • They allow you the ease and advantages of investing in a publicly-traded stock.
  • They provide you with dividend-based income, competitive market performance, transparency, liquidity, inflation protection, and portfolio diversification.
  • Due to the tax bill that was signed into law in 2017, REITs now enjoy a new and lucrative tax benefit: the pass-through deduction. REITs are not taxed at the corporate level.
  • REITs provide a more steady income than regular stocks do. These payments are made to investors in the form of dividends.

Buy Rental Properties And Collect Income From Them

You could invest in commercial real estate and rent out office space or storefronts. The pay is eye-catching and is a promising investment choice. You can even rent out apartments depending on the type of real estate property you buy.

Other benefits from investing in rental properties include:

  • It offers a steady passive income which means that it requires little or no effort at all to maintain. You can use it as your main income source or as side money. Also, your rental income isn’t taxed in the same way as your employment income.
  • Renting out properties provides stronger security. In case you have a property either inherited or bought, and you have to move away to another town for some reason, renting out your property is a safer option in terms of security.

When a home or property is left vacant, vandalism and squatters, and maintenance issues can become the order of the day. If such continues unnoticed, it can lead to larger problems.

When you rent out to tenants, you’ll have greater peace of mind that the home is being maintained and watched after.

Flipping Homes For Higher Profits After-Sales

Investing time and money in flipping homes could play two ways. It could lead you into more debt and dissatisfaction if you end up not getting it right and not getting a profitable sale. However, when done skillfully, you’ll be rewarded with amazing benefits.

It could be your ticket to financial independence during retirement especially if you have experience in flipping houses or if you have a keen eye for home improvements.

Invest Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate

Invest your retirement funds in real estate summary

You could decide to do much of the renovation efforts yourself just as you could decide to outsource it to house flipping pros.

Whichever you choose, you’d surely enjoy the proceeds when the homes you invest in sell.

These are some of the proven ways to invest your funds and make satisfying profits even after retirement. Everyone needs some steady source of funds to fall back on. Real estate is the key. It’s sure worth the try.

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