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5 Signs That You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent Guide

19 July 2022

Homeowners decide to sell their homes for reasons like relocating for a new job or simply because they want to live in a different city. That said, they often outsource a professional in hopes that they can sell their houses faster. Once they successfully do so, there’s no need to lower the price to attract potential buyers, and they can avoid housing market fees.

To speed up selling your home, you’ve hired a real estate agent to eliminate the stress of managing the process. You expect this person to constantly provide valuable updates about lead generation and weed out underqualified buyers. Moreover, you want them to have specialized experience in negotiating a house sale and have access to a vast network.

5 signs that you hired the wrong real estate agent

5 Signs That You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent List

Since outsourcing a real estate agent is essential in the home-selling process, you need to read these five signs of a bad agent to avoid hiring one.

  1. Not Frequently Showing Up During Inspections

Once your house is listed in the real estate marketplace, you’ll have to allow potential buyers to inspect the place. This activity enables your market to admire its features and compare them to other homes they’ve previously looked at. Since these random inspections usually happen during the weekends, most homeowners aren’t always available to tour their prospects.

Usually, reputable agents are always available to supervise these activities because they must be able to establish a rapport with your buyers. On the other hand, if you notice that your real estate agent isn’t showing up for these inspections, it’s a warning sign that they aren’t dedicated enough. Therefore, to figure out if you can change your present agent, you must click now on this website.

  1. Lack Of Active Communication

Most home sellers expect their real estate agents to always be available on call every day because chances are some prospects want to view the house. If homeowners reach out to their agents, they prefer to hear back from them within a considerable period. In addition, the agent must be able to let the sellers know that they’ve received the message and will respond to them within a few hours.

To evaluate if your existing real estate agent is reputable, you must determine if they have other information available to the public. For instance, if they haven’t responded through their phones within two hours, you may consider sending them a direct message through their email or social media. Unfortunately, if your existing real estate agent is still not actively responding to your new communication initiative, you might’ve hired the wrong one.

  1. Not Displaying Professionalism

Typically, first impressions indicate everything you need to know about how a person provides a service. With that, if your first contact with your real estate agent shows unprofessionalism, you probably already know that you made a mistake in picking them. For instance, if they show up late and wear inappropriate clothing, then you must consider finding a new one who can effectively represent you.

Another behavior you should check if your agent is not the right one is if they practice dishonesty. You must check if they constantly ask you to commit ad fraud or lie about disclosure. If they do, then you must walk away and never look back. Furthermore, you must refrain from accepting inappropriate comments because they might push away your potential buyers.

  1. Not A Marketing Expert

Selling a home requires the agent to have strong marketing skills to attract qualified buyers. If this person is an expert in this field, they can help you find your prospects through various online platforms to generate valuable leads. Also, they can help you establish and nurture genuine relationships with potential buyers, which boosts the selling process.

You must assess their online presence if you’re not yet signing a contract with your preferred real estate agent. During this research, you’ll have to see if they have a professional-looking website and active social media pages. Alternatively, if you can’t find them online, you need to respectfully decline your offer to them and look for a replacement who’s also a marketing wiz.

  1. Lack Of Negotiation Skills

Since you won’t be selling your home for less than its worth, you might get the best possible deal when you partner with an individual who can successfully negotiate on your behalf. Indeed, being an effective negotiator is an essential skill set and one of the biggest reasons you hire a real estate agent.

In most cases, prospective buyers are incredibly meticulous when inspecting a house. As they ask about particular issues such as the building architecture, your agent must be able to negotiate a reasonable price for it to ensure that you’re getting a bid that’s worth its offer. If this person lacks negotiation skills, you must fire them since they won’t be able to persuade your potential buyers effectively.

5 signs that you hired the wrong real estate agent guide

Key Takeaway

As a homeowner, you must hire a credible real estate agent to sell your home quickly. If you notice that your current one is displaying these five red flags, you should consider replacing them with an efficient one. In turn, the new hire will help you sell your home without lowering its price.

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