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Important Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Frequently Ignored

24 Aug 2021

Important home maintenance tasks often ignored

You may already have a home maintenance routine, but does your checklist have everything that needs attention for a smooth home operation? The best home maintenance practices ensure that your home’s condition is always top-notch, as they seek to factor in every nook and cranny that needs care. Regular care and maintenance increase the value of your home for when you want to sell it, while also increasing your home’s lifespan. Here are home maintenance tasks that you shouldn’t ignore.

1.    Roof and gutter inspection

Considering that roofs are forever exposed to different extreme weather conditions, conducting a regular roof and gutter inspection should bring to your attention any after-effects. Ignoring roof inspection may lead to leaks that could destroy your home’s interior, mold growth, and other problems that can end up costing you a lot to fix them.

When inspecting your roof, focus on the shingles to see missing, cracked, or broken. Don’t ignore the growth of moss or algae as they make the roof retain a lot of moisture, damaging it. Inspect the gutters and vents for blockage, cracks, or corrosion. Ensure that water flows freely through the downspout to the drainage. You may not do a good job inspecting the roof; an expert roofer like Nu Look Home Design will thoroughly examine it and advise you accordingly.

2.    Maintenance and testing of the sump pump

A sump pump helps prevent flooding, especially during rainy seasons, and keeps your basement dry, preventing fungi and mildew. Keeping your basement dry also prevents rust and corrosion and helps you avoid costly repairs that may arise in case of flooding. Frequently clean the inlet screen and check the valve’s functionality at the discharge pipe as it is responsible for preventing water backflow. Since this device requires professional care, it would help hire a skilled plumber to maintain and test it for you.

3.    Smoke detector maintenance

Frequent maintenance of the smoke detector devices allows them to detect the danger early enough for the safety of your loved ones. To test if your smoke detector is functional, press the test button and wait for the sound, hold a lit candle a few centimeters below the detector for heated air to rise, if after a few seconds you don’t hear any sound, put off the candle and allow the smoke to rise into the detector. If you don’t hear any alarm sound, open the detector, clean it, replace the battery, and repeat the testing process. If it still doesn’t work, replace it.

4.    Cleaning the dryer vents

Clogged dryer vents require a lot of energy to dry clothes. Regular cleaning of the dryer vents enables them to work more efficiently and boost the dryer’s lifespan.

When the dryer is running, carbon monoxide and other gases are released through the dryer vents. If they are clogged, these gases find their way back into your home, contaminating the air in your home. This may lead to breathing complications and other health problems.

Important home maintenance tasks – Endnote

Home maintenance is essential for every homeowner as it ensures the smooth running of your home. Add these usually forgotten maintenance tasks into your checklist to ensure perfect home conditions.

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