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7 Facts Why You Need A Smoke Alarm Installed At Your Home

9 Nov 2019

7 facts why you need a smoke alarm installed

Smoke Alarm Home Installation

Important Preliminary Caution

There are many reasons to install a smoke alarm in the home. All of the facts listed below are centered around the safety of each person living in a home. Each event is listed with equal emphasis on safety regardless of the order in which they are presented. Do not consider one point less important than any other because of the order in which it is displayed. Each fact is given as an aid to giving the person in a home the maximum safety in case of fire.

First Fact

When a fire ignites in a home, there is little time to stall, and every second is essential. By installing smoke detectors in every room in the house will enable a safe exit to the house from every room. A fire produces deadly heat and smoke. The heat produces vapors and other noxious gases which make persons breathing difficult to impossible to breathe.

Second Fact

With a smoke detector installed in a home, the smoke detector will “signal” smoke has been detected in the house. On average, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, an average of seven people a day die from home fires. A good smoke detector will warn people in the home to exit the house before the fire reaches a critical stage.

Third Fact

A smoke detector becomes the ears and eyes of a person that cannot be present when the cause of the smoke starts. For example, if a person has a habit of smoking in bed, and they fall asleep, but the fire begins, the smoke detector will recognize the change in the atmosphere in the room.

Fourth Fact

A smoke detector, when working correctly, will create a high shrill sound, causing an average person without earplugs to wake from a deep sleep. A person asleep in the home could become trapped in the house and thereby become caught in the fire.

The nature of the piercing sound has the purpose of causing pain in the ear canal. A smoke detector sound works on the same principle as the alarm on a police car, fire engine, or an ambulance. The noise emitted from the smoke detector in the case of fire is similar to an emergency vehicle causing traffic to be aware that an emergency rescue is being carried out and to move aside. According to the International Code set, there is a law that every home must have at least a smoke detector in the house.

Fifth Fact

A smoke detector cannot save you from a fire, but it can bring attention to the cause of the smoke, which is the fire or whatever is producing the smoke. The essential purpose of the smoke detector is to bring awareness of all those in the home that there is an imminent danger to them. The larger the home, the more critical it is for all those in the house to take an active part in rescuing one another.

Sixth Fact

A good and well-maintained smoke detector can make the difference between the life and death of a person in a fire. Having a smoke detector can lessen the risk of an elderly or child caught in a home fire.

Since most children move slower than mature individuals, a person who is a baby or an older adult who is restricted to hospice or home care will have a much harder time to escape a fire. To make sure all smoke detectors are working, a resident can contact CLF Services Brisbane Northside for a home inspection. According to Smoke Alarm Australia, every home is required by law to have at least one smoke detector installed, especially where persons sleep.

Seventh Fact

Brooks Smoke Alarms give a family time to escape to a safe place. Often a larger building like an apartment building, hotel, will have several exit points. A home, on the other hand, may only have one or two exits to escape from a fire.

If a fire is near to one of the exit points, a smoke alarm could be the one reason which makes it possible to escape the danger before the fire reaches a critical point. According to the National Red Cross, most fires happen between 6-7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The National Fire Prevention Association said that 74% of fires resulted in homes without smoke detectors or fire alarms in their homes.

7 Facts Why You Need A Smoke Alarm Installed At Your Home
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