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How to Structure a Tutor Marked Assignment – 13 Best Tips

9 April 2024

How to structure a tutor marked assignment

If you are a student who is struggling to write a top-class Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA), you are not the only one. Open University (OU) students and other distance education learners have a hard time meeting the requirements of such assignments. TMAs are becoming more popular in higher education, and a lot of online courses are opting for them too.

These assignments are meant to enhance students’ interest in the course and aid them in learning new things. Students mostly have to fill out and send these papers digitally. However, writing perfect answers to the TMA questions is not a piece of cake and requires students to study extensively to achieve passing grades.

However, if you are pestering yourself about how to write the assignments that impress your tutor, it’s your sign to relax. You can ask a professional assignment helper for your homework. An expert knows better about what topics to cover in such tasks.

This article seeks to provide some insights into what Tutor Marked Assignments are and the ways to prepare and complete them efficiently and effectively. If you want to know more about the significance of such assignments in the modern educational system, keep reading this article.

What Does a Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) Mean?

According to the definition by SS Coaching, tutor-marked assignments help students improve their learning skills and develop study habits that transform them into brilliant students. Simply, consider it a test that distance learning providers and The Open University take to see how well the students are doing in a subject. In such assignments, students accomplish a wide range of tasks and the teacher grades them in the mark sheet.

What Is the Pass Mark for TMA?

According to the information by Tom Wagstaff, you have to achieve 40% of the marks in your assignments to pass your Tutor Marked Assignment. However, the effect of these marks on your semester depends on each and every module individually. To get better grades, you must know how to structure your arguments. The tips to refine your arguments and structure the assignment are mentioned in the section below.

13 Tested Tips to  Structure a Tutor Marked Assignment

The idea of writing a Tutor Marked Assignment fills many students with unimaginable horror and dread. To help you kick-start your assignment writing, we have gathered writing tips from several marking experts of the OU Students Association. So, whether you are just setting out on your first assignment or a seasoned writer, the following tips are for you!

Tip 1: Understand the TMA Guidelines

Before you start researching the data for your Tutor Marked Assignment and answering questions, ensure that you have read all the rules that your teacher has given you. You must understand these guidelines prior to starting your work.

Such instructions, present on the portal of The Open University, tell you about what is expected of you and what are the standards of work. Take into account the important details such as the number of words, ways to organise them, the sources to be cited and the deadline of your papers. Remember the writing suggestions and by doing so, you can write an assignment that goes above and beyond your research goals.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Topic

This can be considered as the base of a well-organised and highly-graded assignment. When you choose the right topic, it tells a lot about the success of your work. Think of your topic as something which can fill the blank pages with information and research-based knowledge. The topic you choose must fit the course goals and interests of your papers. Your Tutor Marked Assignment writing journey can only become exciting for you if you choose a topic that really interests you.

Tip 3: Do Your Research

Now it’s time to do in-depth research and picture yourself as an explorer who is going through large repositories of knowledge for information. Research your topic enough and go through the scholarly sources to find the required information. Read the academic papers to the end, check the databases for data sets and dive into reputable websites for the sources of information. For the basic ideas, your academic textbooks are a good place to look at.

Tip 4: Structure and Plan Your Answers

You do not have to just jump straight in, prepare for the writing process instead. Take your time to familiarise yourself with the Tutor Marked Assignment questions. Keep in mind to highlight all the areas of importance for your work. Also, keep track of such keywords and key phrases that might be useful for your papers. Think about how you will structure your answers. Further, enlist all the points that you have to write in the main paragraphs before you start writing.

Tip 5: Be Focused and Specific

Don’t use the ‘machine gun’ strategy when you are responding to the questions in your assignment. Instead, be specific and focused when writing a Tutor Marked Assignment. Besides, there is hardly any chance that the word count for your assignment will allow you to write excessive content. Try to build the comprehension of readers regarding the key points of your work. Your assignment must have a logical flow and it should demonstrate the utility of the learning programs and course materials.

Tip 6: Set the Stage for the Introduction

The most important part of your Tutor Marked Assignment is the opening or introduction. Not only does it give the meaning to your topic but also provides the background information to the readers. It is also the best section where you can clarify the study questions, aims and goals of your research work. As the introduction sets the scene for the rest of your work, you should make it as interesting and engaging for the readers as you can.

Tip 7: Formulate Clear Research Questions

Focus on being precise and clear when it comes to the formulation of research questions for the Tutor Marked Assignment. The highly recommended thing to do in this regard is to shortlist the main goals of your project. This will help you understand the research goals clearly and you will see why it is important to be clear about the study questions that give direction to your assignment. Not only this, it also helps you keep on track and gives a clear purpose to your work.

Tip 8: Main Body of the TMA

The heart of your Tutor Marked Assignment lies in the main body so you need to pay extra attention to this section of your papers. This is where you dig deep into the subject and it is an important part because you will have to organise a few sections and sub-sections here. The main sections of this part include the literature review, a thorough analysis and the research results. If you do not organise these sections well enough, your assignment won’t be able to fully explore the topic in detail. Students also get assistance from assignment writing services because organising the main body of an internal assessment paper is not easy.

Tip 9: Citations and Supporting Evidence
You must keep your trustworthiness and academic integrity alive in your Tutor Marked Assignment. When you are making claims and points in your work, back them up with reliable citations and sources. Show your tutor that you have done a lot of work and that you know so much about the subject. Also, if you consult extra sources for your work, make sure that you add the link to such sources in the bibliography. Needless to say, you must follow the citation style of your university.

Tip 10: Summarise the Findings
In the conclusion of your Tutor Marked Assignment, summarise the main points of your work. Keep in account the crux, and results and restate the aims plus study questions. Also, highlight the way your research contributes to the actual world or academia. In this way, you will be able to keenly evaluate how your work may impact the policy, practice or research in your field.

Tip 11: Do Not Exceed the Word Limit
The word limits are sure to drive fear into students but they are fixed for a reason. Writing according to a word limit is a good practice as it helps you concentrate on the responses you have to give. Ensure to check the writing guidelines that are pertinent to your module. Following the word limit is important because it fits the marks that you will be rewarded after the tutor marks your assignment.

Tip 12: Presentation and Formatting
When crafting your Tutor Marked Assignment, it is extremely important for you to follow the formatting rules exactly as they have been written in the guidelines. Pay close attention to the line spacing, font size, page numbers and the borders of your papers. Format your papers correctly and it will show that you care about the academic rules. Not only this, but it also makes your homework look well-organised and professional in the eyes of your professor.

Tip 13: Edit and Proofread
The last thing that you need to do before you turn in your Tutor Marked Assignment is the careful revision of your work. Check your papers carefully for any kind of spelling; grammar or layout mistakes that could make your work look less professional. Ensure that the document flows smoothly and it is easier to read for the audience. Also, you should be dedicated to providing your readers with a dedicated, polished and high-quality task.

How Long Do Tutors Have to Mark Assignments at Open University?

It is the requirement of The Open University that the tutors have to mark the Tutor Marked Assignments within 10 working days of their submission. If the tutor is facing additional pressure, he may take up to 15 days to mark the assignments and return them to students.

What Happens if I Miss a TMA?

If you miss a Tutor Marked Assignment, you will most likely fail the module. You can only escape failure if you have evidence that there were some circumstances beyond your control that stopped you from completing your papers.

How Do I Submit My TMA Online?

According to the guidelines by The Open University, you must submit your Tutor Marked Assignment through a link that you will find on your Student Home Page. However, there may be some exceptional cases. In such conditions, the tutor may want you to submit your assignment in hard copy.

What Is the Difference Between an Open University and a Regular University?

Generally, an Open University signifies a specific kind of educational institution. Mostly, it is a public university that allows its students to enrol in programs without going through the hassle of traditional universities’ admission requirements. Then, it takes different kinds of tests and exams to record the assessments of students and know their learning curves. A regular university, however, demands high school diplomas and other standardised test scores for the proper admission of students.

Tutor Marked Assignment Examples

Want to look at some of the well-marked Tutor Marked Assignment ideas? Well, the research domains covered by such papers are diverse. The examples of such assignments can be many, including the following:

  • Written assignments
  • Presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Problem-solving assignments
  • Practical assignments

If you want to look at it more closely, here is an example from Study Pool that you can review to know the basics of the process:

How to structure a tutor marked assignment Conclusion

The bottom line is that you should know the work requirements, research your topic well, and be specific and concise when writing a Tutor Marked Assignment. Also, keep in contact with your tutor, not only for the development of your assignment but to ask for help if you encounter any challenges during the writing process. Furthermore, listen back or watch at least one example or tutorial before you start writing your assignment.

Countless times, students feel so unclear about the writing requirements of such assignments that they end up losing their marks eventually. It is always better to seek clarity before submitting your assignment. For this purpose, you can acquire assignment help online to meet the entry requirements of your work and get better grades.

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