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How to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly?

9 July 2020
Sustainable living is not just a trend; it is the way we all should go through our lives in order to give Earth a chance at survival. Climate change is real, and applying small alternations to your everyday life and making it more eco-friendly is highly advisable.

One way to turn green is to make your garden a sustainable oasis. Fortunately, gardens are typically the most ecological places in a household, so you won’t have to change much to achieve a space that is in sync with nature. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your garden eco-friendly.

Make Space for Wildlife Homes

It is an excellent idea to give nature an extra helping hand by creating some homemade animal shelters. You can build anything from bird boxes through hedgehog homes to beehives, and there are plenty of ways you can change your garden to be more comfortable for wildlife. Look for DIY tutorials online on how to build such shelters and invest in some quality materials from trusted producers, like timber merchants in Wigan and milk paint from Real Milk Paint Co. Animals and the environment will be thankful for your work to help them find shelter and survive winter.

Plant a Tree

There is no secret that we cut too many trees down for industrial production. It hurts the overall quality of air around the world. So if you have space in your garden, why not plant a tree? Research has shown that gardens with planted trees are more attractive to wildlife than those without a single one, not to mention how much they add to your backyard’s beauty. A simple act of growing a tree can provide additional benefits like shade, better air quality, or lower-level of noise pollution. Native or, even better, local species will deliver the most excellent benefits, so take some time to research them.

Grow Fresh Food

This next tip will allow you to not only be more eco-friendly but also take good care of your health in the process. There is no secret in the fact that the food that we, as a society, consume nowadays is usually highly processed, and there is nothing healthy about it.

Why not devote a piece of your garden to growing your own food? It is cheaper than buying organic/bio groceries at a store, and it also reduces your environmental impact and tastes so much better knowing you’ve produced it yourself. You can grow plenty of different products – they can be vegetables, herbs, or fruit, whatever you like.

Start Composting

It is relatively simple to create unnecessary waste when gardening, but, fortunately, it’s just as easy to find more eco-friendly alternatives. Compost heaps are a crucial habitat feature for wildlife, so they may also help you to attract some useful creatures into your garden, ranging from earthworms to hedgehogs, which can help to fertilize the soil and eliminate pests. Also, compost soaks up water like a sponge, which is highly useful in free-draining sandy ground.

Make sure always to avoid using peat in your compost, because extracting it can damage unique ecosystems that take centuries to form. Create a natural fertilizer with waste; there is nothing more beautiful than repurposing.

Go for Second-Hand Garden Furniture

As much as you would like your garden to be all wild and natural, it also needs to be a little bit functional. That is why it is tough to say no to the garden furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to get rid of the idea. A part of living a sustainable life is to repurpose and use second-hand items, which is why it is worth browsing the web to look for hand-me-down garden furniture. It will brighten your backyard and give it a vintage look, which should match all the nature surrounding you.

Harvest Rainwater

Adding a rain barrel is an effortless and relatively cheap way to capture mineral and chlorine-free water for watering your trees, lawns, and veggies. By using what’s literally raining from the sky, you’ll decrease your water costs, as well as contribute to a reduction in stormwater runoff.

How to make your garden eco-friendly conclusion

Making your garden an eco-friendly environment is that not hard of a process. It requires little time and effort and a lot of green optimism. Living a more sustainable life is no longer a choice, it is our duty, and making your garden eco-friendly is just another step to a long and healthy life for you and the planet.

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