How To Get An Oil Portrait For Your Family, Painting Guide, Home Canvas Tips

How To Get An Oil Portrait For Your Family?

16 July 2020

The sheer liveliness of an oil painting has let it savor the birth of art and its varied forms. The pigments used in oil paintings stir life in still photographs as well as objects with the variation of thin glazed strokes as well as thick impasto for the depth of characters as well as radiant color tones.

Many of the incredulously brilliant portraits have eternalized the canvases as oil paintings throughout the ages due to its ability to bring people and things to life. This is exactly why custom paintings have become immensely popular nowadays.

The best gift of all times: a portrait

How to get an oil portrait for your family?

Capturing a candid moment or a milestone and transforming it into a timeless oil painting incite true affection and the feeling of togetherness. A portrait is as up close and intimate as a present could get in this distanced world of materialistic pursuits that we dwell in.

The state of rapture that’d be sprinkled throughout a house when a custom painting knocks on the door truly cannot be measured. It’s the most thoughtful gift you can give someone for it would never lose its element or its charm and will be an embodiment of love shared.  Now, let the customization process of the canvas art begin!

1.      Decide on the picture

How to get an oil portrait for your family?

The first step of choosing the picture to be recreated is extremely essential so that your portrait can convey everything you want it to. For a gift on your parents’ anniversary, you could pick a picture from their twenties which would not only give off a vintage vibe but also communicate how you see them as timeless as this portrait will be.

For the same occasion, you could also get a picture of your childhood home as a reminiscing token of precious and close moments spent together. The brush will perfectly replicate the old photograph or a digital image with oil on canvas.

2.      Background

Before you dive into ordering a portrait, the background is the next most important thing to be tended to as it regulates the setting. An art gallery can often step in here to brainstorm ideas with you so that you can curate a wonderful gift for your loved ones. If it’s for a couple, you could set it in the place they met or if you want it to be funky, you could slap the portrait with the background of famous Rembrandt scenescapes.

3.      Size does matter

How to get an oil portrait for your family?

Would you want to give someone a portrait so enormous that they spent the rest of the life finding a space big enough? Or for it to hog their entire living room wall, rendering the other mesmerizing art pieces homeless? No? Well, we guessed right.

You must meticulously give the size as many thoughts as it requires for it can make or break a beautiful custom painting. The art gallery, through their years of experience, can guide you towards the most suitable size that befits the occasion.

4.      Get handy with details

Giorgio Armani said,” To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail” and dare we disregard him.

For a portrait to surpass perfection, you must tend to the details. It’s ideal to choose a frame that is classic wooden, pitch black or ivory white so that it doesn’t disturb the color palette of any rooms. You could also go for frames with minimalistic designs and patterns to give it a different swing.

If you’re planning to get a family portrait made, make sure you chip in just the right amount of members into for it’s never advisable to incorporate your ancestors as it would just cause more clutter, taking away the beauty of it. It’d enhance the presentation of the portrait if it was not too clustered with people and would make it clearer.

  1. Choose between 1930 or 1950

Family painting

If you’re baffled about the dates then, just let us follow up. For your oil on canvas portrait to give off the aura you aspire, you must decide whether to go into the 1930s which is black and white or the 1950s which is vibrant colors.

The densely toned hues that enhance the color scheme are the most lauded characteristic of oil paintings so most people go down that road. On the other hand, black and white portraits have their own quaint charm which comes complementary to the vintage aspect that entails it.

Timeless, Priceless Family Portrait

In this life with fleeting moments and commercial-like breaks of happiness, a portrait could be the ultimate push into a state of rapture for any of its receivers. No materialistic possession could be greater than immortalization of ecstatic moments shared together or symbols of love that radiate happiness into the onlooker. Portraits have the power and energy to lift up an entire room with just its positive vibrations.

Portraits are apt reminders of the importance of bonds and the need to cherish those bonds till the very last breath.

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