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How to Design your Dream Home in the UK

31 Oct 2022

How to design your dream home in the UK

The UK has had many new migrants coming in since Brexit. Now that the New PM, Rishi Sunak, is slowly introducing newer policies that open up the UK’s borders to international talent, there will be a marked increase in the number of homeowners across the country. Many families will also be shifting on the UK work visa leading to a boom in the real estate market.

Since purchasing a readymade home with all amenities is sometimes expensive, many first-time owners prefer designing and building their dream house per personal preference. While there aren’t any restrictions to foreign nationals purchasing property in the UK, getting the legalities sorted with a London lawyer for immigration is best. Going through an expert and getting all the paperwork sorted will help you purchase land and property even before shifting.

Let us look at how you should design your dream home in the UK.

Find a Plot

Always start with the basics. Before you sit with a designer or use your skills, you should find and purchase a plot that fits perfectly with your vision of your dream home. Tracking the post-purchase process is a headache, but with the proper guidance and a little help from the Almighty, you can get the best land.

Thankfully, the UK is quite advanced, and you can access plenty of online resources to help you with multiple options for good agricultural and non-agricultural land. If you purchase non-agricultural land, you can still cultivate your personal consumption fruits and vegetables without any hassles. Once you find a plot that fits your budget and requirements, you should process the paperwork, formalities, and funds immediately to avoid losing out on a good deal.

Budgetary Control

Remember, losing sight of the big picture in the design process is effortless. You may want to go overboard and create three swimming pools and an outdoor fire pit. However, you must budget carefully for the structural integrity of your house before considering the ancillary spending. Many countries have a mandatory government inspection of home designs. The government appoints an inspector to pore over the documents to assess the construction and build. It is best to get this cleared with immigration advice UK before you start budgeting. There may be additional pillars, columns, and flooring and roofing you may have to undertake to get the designs passed before you can begin construction.

You must budget carefully for each of these things before concentrating on the home’s interiors. While you can control the interior design expenditure, you will not be able to skip the cost of the main construction to fit with the builder guidelines in the UK.

Employ an Experienced Designer

When finalizing a designer for your home, always check all credentials first. To search, you can enquire around (word of mouth) or rely on online testimonials and references. You should also ask to formally view some properties before you finalize so you can rest assured your vision matches the designer.

Many firms offer a package for the whole construction – architect, designer, contractors, and more. If this interests you, ensure you have a wide range of designers to choose from. Settling on one and not clearly communicating your thought process will set you back by hundreds of thousands of pounds. Instead, it’s best to work with a designer that understands your vision and can clearly commit it to the 3D mockups.


Local planning authorities in the UK have a panel for planners in their directory. These planners are government authorized and recognized. They will ensure everything is up to code and advise if there is any structural issue with the design and construction before you start the process. You could also opt for pre-application advice from the local planning government body for a fee. While you may spend a little extra, you will save plenty of money on fines and other costs.

Often, homeowners who work with planners already registered with the planning guild get perfect designs, ensuring your project gets passed without any objections. The material stipulations, quality, available styles, types, and more are passed without too much of a hassle.


Once you have all this in place, you should get the essentials out of the way. These would include permissions from the trash department, water, electricity board, planning commission, building code and control approval, taxes, and more. Getting these tackled correctly will help ensure your dream home project is on schedule for the building part.

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