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How to design the perfect workspace for your home

16 Apr 2021

Designing the best workspace for your home can be tricky! Here’s a short list of the essentials you need to take into account when designing the perfect work area for your home.

How to design perfect workspace for your home


Whether you are sitting down to start your workday or are learning from home, having the right lighting for your study space is essential for your productivity. With regards to designing the perfect workspace be sure to think about your light source.

Are you going to go for artificial lighting or do you prefer natural light? If you can’t stand the brightness of artificial light be sure to save space near a window or well-lit area for light to shine through to your work area. If you don’t like relying on the varying brightness of the sun, find a suitable lamp with a lightbulb that appeals to the unique preferences of your eyes.

Desk type

The type of desk you choose for your workspace is particularly important when it comes to designing the perfect workspace. Not only does your desk have to fit in with the overall aesthetic of your room, but also provide you with enough space for your computer, laptop, papers and other work essentials.

When it comes to purchasing a desk be sure to test it out with the height of your work chair, make sure they work together and that you have ample room for your knees. Being comfortable is a hugely important part of working so don’t compromise on your desk of choice. Alternatively, if you hate the idea of sitting down all day, why not consider a standing desk to keep you on your feet.


Unless you’ve bought a standing desk, chances are you are going to be sitting down for the majority of your workday. Having the right chair for your workspace is not only important for your posture but also for your concentration. Be sure to consider what type of chair you’d like to spend most of your time in; think about things like lumbar support, fabric, texture and height when it comes to purchasing your work chair.

There are plenty of places dedicated to producing top quality chairs specifically for working in. Alternatively, if you’re interested in fitness you can always exchange your chair for an exercise ball and burn some extra calories throughout the day!


Green leafy plants not only look fantastic, but they’re also beneficial for your mind
and body too. Plants help to circulate the air in your room, keeping it fresh andreplenished with oxygen. This is particularly important in your office space as the oxygen-rich air will help your brain stay focused on work.

Some of the best plants for workspaces are peace lilies, which have long dark green leaves and white flowers, and snake plants, which are slow-growing and have a lovely architectural structure to their leaves.


When it comes to heating your workspace, you want to strike the right balance between heat and cold. If a room is too cold, you’ll have to wrap up in several layers which is uncomfortable and impractical for working. If the room is too hot, it will make you drowsy and less able to concentrate on your tasks.

The ideal temperature of your office is ultimately down to you. There have been countless studies into the ideal temperature for working in, with some people swearing by 16 degrees and others saying it’s got to be at least 23 degrees. It comes down to what makes you the most comfortable, productive and happy.

Keen to learn more about interior design?

If you’re a budding architect or simply want to learn more about how to design the perfect home, why not take some classes with an Architecture tutor

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