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Are Eco-friendly Office Buildings the Future of Workspaces?

28 July 2022

Recycled materials, attention to low-carbon buildings, alternative ways of obtaining energy – this is not a part of some distant future, it is all happening in the construction industry right now. Ecology is a very important element that is being taken into account, for example in the construction of new office buildings in our country. The projects presented in the following article confirm that this is a trend shaping the future of construction.

Construction industry response to climate change

Ecology is an increasingly important topic in almost every sector of the economy. It is no different with the construction industry, where, for years now, ‘green’ trends have been blazing new trails for further investments, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Companies operating in the industry are thinking seriously about using new technologies and materials that are even better able to protect the environment to reduce the carbon footprint emitted during the production of individual components as well as finished developments.

Significant development of this trend can be seen especially in office building projects, where large building space makes it possible to introduce many interesting pro-ecological solutions.

The following two projects demonstrate perfectly how the function of a building can be combined with environmental concerns.

Eco-friendly Office Buildings the Future Workspaces

The Forge, London, UK. Systems used: MB-SE 120 SUM

The Forge, a zero-emission London office building

The Forge is a complex of two office buildings located in London’s Bankside district with a total area of over 12,500 square metres. Its creators set themselves a formidable challenge – they have decided that it will be the first zero carbon commercial building in the UK. And not only at the stage of use, but also earlier, during the entire construction process.

The entire development – from the design through to the choice of materials and technology – is being created to achieve the BREEAM Excellent certification. Thus, it becomes necessary to use solutions dedicated to sustainable construction. That is why dedicated MB-SE 120 SUM window systems, designed and prepared by Aluprof, were used to create the façade. These systems have undergone rigorous testing in accordance with the specifications of the entire facility. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and durable materials, the glazing in The Forge will perfectly insulate the interior of the building, and thus reduce the amount of electricity required for heating or cooling the office space to the necessary minimum.

Conwy County Council – an icon of style and ecology

The second interesting ecological investment located in the UK is the Welsh Conwy County office building in Colwyn Bay.

It covers an area of almost 9,500 square metres and contains workstations for around 800 county officials. The building has been designed to fit neatly into its immediate surroundings while providing tangible environmental benefits.

Eco-friendly Office Buildings the Future Workspaces

County Council HQ Conwy, Conwy, United Kingdom. Systems used: MB-59S, MB-SR50N, MB-SR60N

To reduce the carbon footprint, the investment used, e.g., photovoltaic panels and heat pumps for heating and cooling the interior. In addition, great importance was attached to the appropriate thermal insulation of the facility, for instance, through the use of Aluprof façade and window systems (MB-SR50N, MB-SR60N, and MB-59S). The use of these solutions allowed the building to obtain a BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level in 2014.

Let’s build a better future

Choosing the right partner in the process of designing and erecting office buildings brings tangible benefits. In this case, the use of Aluprof’s window and façade systems has contributed to improving the thermal insulation of the listed buildings and, consequently, to significantly reducing the energy requirements for air conditioning and heating systems. The large area of glazing offered by these systems also means that office building owners can make savings in the energy required for lighting the building interior.

Aluprof is a brand that gives priority to the environment. For this reason, its products meet the highest standards of sustainable construction, not only in terms of thermal insulation properties but also in the material used. Durable and weather-resistant aluminium is used in the production of Aluprof window systems, which can be either virgin or recycled aluminium.

Eco-friendly Office Buildings the Future Workspaces

The opportunities offered to modern builders by companies operating in the construction industry mean that they can create buildings that are even more climate-neutral and therefore completely safe for the environment. As such, the trend of erecting eco-friendly office buildings certainly does not end with The Forge and County Council HQ Conwy. It will certainly continue and develop, combining a concern for the ecosphere with ensuring that we have fully functional office space.

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