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How Long Does Treated Pine Decking Last?

20 January 2023

Pine decking is a widely chosen decking alternative, and the main reason behind the popularity is it’s easy-to-work feature. Another advantage that pine decking provides is that it is made from a renewable resource, thus making it a nature-friendly alternative. When opting for pine decking, you may wonder ‘how long does the pine deck last?’ To answer your question – the durability of the pine decking completely depends on how it is treated. If you have treated pine decking with great care, it can last for over 30 years.

How long does treated pine decking last

How Long Does Treated Pine Decking Last Advice Guide

To know more, let’s take a look at the factors responsible for the durability of the pine decking:

How long does treated pine last?

To know if the treated pine decking will last long, you should know if it is in direct contact with the ground or not. The thickness of the poles and the planks should also be considered to understand the durability of the deck. The pine decking will not last for a longer time if the deck touches the ground. Several treatments will help you enhance the durability of the pine decking. However, in addition to these treatments, you should make sure that the decking is elevated at an appropriate height.

Check the strength of the pine

The strength of the pine is measured with the help of special types of machinery. For carrying out this task, you should have an expert beside you. These experts will help you know all the details about the decking-treated pine and how to calculate their measurements.

The H3-treated pines

The H3-treated pines are the ones treated for environment-based hazards and considered the lowest level of treatment. However, you should know that this treated pine is not suitable for in-ground use. In short, you can use this pine outdoors, however, make sure that it doesn’t touch the ground. This pine can sustain conditions like leaching and moderate wetting on an occasional level.

Therefore, the pine can sustain well during the monsoon season as long as it doesn’t rain heavily. However, you don’t need to worry about this, as this case doesn’t apply to Australia. H3 treatment also protects the deck from moisture. The process is not hazardous, but it can cause stains and discolouration to the decking.

The H3 treatment cannot stop the decaying process entirely, but it can slow down the process. The treatment also makes the decking resistant towards termites. Thus, it prevents accidents that can be caused because of faulty and elevated construction.

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The H4-treated pines

This pine type can be used for both above and ground uses. One of the best advantages that these pines provide is that they can be used for outdoor projects. The material makes the pines resistant to leaching, extreme rains, and severe wetting conditions. The H4 treatment provides extra protection to the decking by preventing it from termites. Hence, you can increase the durability of your decking using this alternative.

Treated pine decking is on a constant rise these days. Painting treated pine decking also helps to enhance the overall visual appeal. However, when buying pine decking, make sure that the materials are coming from sustainable sources. Check all the required certifications to ensure that the pine is environment-friendly. Also, opt for a deck construction expert who will provide answers to your questions – does treated pine rot, does treated pine decking stains, the best finish for treated pine decking, and so on. Having this information will help you take preventive measures against treated pine deck stains and other durability reality issues.

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