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How the Growing Demand for Smart Homes is Changing Architectural Design

22 Oct 2021

A smart clock that adjusts the morning alarms according to your work schedule, the shower that is already warm before you step in, and the coffee made and waiting for you in the kitchen. Sound too futuristic? No, smart homes are here.

Immersion in the Internet of Things (IoT) for homes

According to the latest reports, the Australian smart home market will be worth US$ 4.61 billion by 2027 from US$ 2.01 billion in 2020, growing at a staggering CAGR of 12.59% during 2020-2027. The preference for IoT at homes is driving a demand surge in the smart home market.

Google, Alexa, and Apple have brought in transformational trends that introduced us to smart home technology. There is a growing demand for smart homes equipped with customized Android systems operating moveable walls, controlling lighting modes, curtains, security alarms, and other home appliances.

How growing demand for smart homes changes design

Architects and designers are thinking about our living spaces in the same tune. With technology at the core of architecture design, there is a smarter building design process now. The goal is to implement intelligent home features that give homeowners control and connectivity, and security.

The revolution of home automation

Today, technology is a lifestyle choice. The recent years have shown how people need to accommodate a lifestyle that connects multi-use spaces. Smart homes allow people to improve their quality of life through automated devices in an ecosystem of working, socializing, and relaxing. You should consider how to plan and build a smart home app.

  • It supports independent living for people with disabilities and older adults.
  • The demand for smart homes is also fuelled by their affordability. Entry-level home automation systems are quite cost-effective.
  • The rise of personal smart devices is another factor. The average Australian household will use an average of 37 smart devices by 2023 and about half of these will be IoT home devices.
  • More user control and functionality satisfy the individual needs of the homeowners.

Architects and home automation consultants make the ideal smart home a reality

Most homeowners and homebuilders now insist on including smart home technologies as a basic standard. This is bringing architects and home automation consultants to work together.

Designing a home is all about meeting the aspirations and budget of a homeowner or builder. In this scenario, combining the specialist training and experience of each field—architecture and home design with smart home technologies—can make a truly smart home.

smart homes growing demand changes design guide

Architectural designing has gone through many changes to address smart home requirements:

  • At the planning stage, there is the incorporation of smart wiring, dedicated space for system headends, and other cabling and sensor placements to facilitate remote control of electrical, lighting, and heating appliances.
  • In terms of house activities, space should be integrated with technology. So, embedded devices and interactive household objects, sensors, and actuators are diffused into the infrastructure in a way that is unobtrusive, and reliable.
  • Architecture design is also coming up with innovative ways to retrofit older structures with smart technology. Here, a more flexible and less intrusive solution such as wireless technology comes into play.

Configuring a smart home

A smart home enables a safe, healthy, comfortable, and independent life. From energy efficiency to intelligent control systems and smart and interconnected devices, the key is correct planning. The right technology partner can assist architects in successfully implementing smart home innovations. When it comes to home automation installation quality of work and reliability are more crucial than the number of devices and their features.

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