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Concrete Crack Injection Services And Their Benefits

4 Oct 2021

Any contractor will give you this information that any sort of crack in the structure, regardless of the size and shape, will affect the structure negatively. When we talk about concrete crack injection, we are talking about epoxy injections which are designed and developed to restore the strength of different structures and repair the cracks that have taken over the structures.

Concrete crack injection services and their benefits

There are three different levels of thickness available in concrete crack solutions to help with different levels of cracks that could appear in structures. High, medium, and low happen to be these different levels of thickness that are available in these injections. Usually, these injections are hassle-free and more affordable compared to other solutions that can be used to repair cracks on structures.

How does concrete crack injection work?

The concrete crack injection brings back the crack together and helps restore the strength of a structure. The repair strength of these injections happens to be stronger than that of concrete.

The solution also prevents movement of the concrete that takes place during natural expansion and provides the concrete with the potential to create more structural stability and strength.

Although having said, these concrete crack repair solutions wouldn’t work that effectively on heavy concrete slabs. Since these concrete structures tend to move frequently, the crack injection solution will slowly disintegrate and will crack again with time.

In the case of foundations, the concrete crack injection acts as great structural support. In order to inject the solution, you’ll need to drill a hole at the points where it’s required. The problem is that these injections may also go deep into the ground and present potential risks against earthquakes.

How does water stop concrete cracking?

This can be done by controlling the moisture that’s present within a structure. This is usually applied to prevent cracks from “re-opening” and also to hold them together. Though, the re-opening of these types of cracks can be prevented with other methods as well such as:

  • Use of epoxy filler – this helps create a strong and sturdy bond
  • Use of concrete patch – this is for filling in the spaces between cracks. This technique works well on deteriorating foundations.
  • Use of fibre reinforcement – this prevents slippage and also absorbs the vibration that might have caused these cracks to form in the first place

You can easily stop your foundation from cracking up with these temporary solutions.

These are some of the most used techniques that can be applied to cracks found in foundations, but then again, not every crack needs a complete overhauling of the foundation itself.

What are the advantages of concrete crack injection solutions?

One of the main advantages of these injection waterproofing solutions is that they are non-invasive and are straightforward. The workers are required to dig any structure to repair the crack, thus will not disturb any foundation or base. Having said that, you will be able to fill the cracks with the injection solutions from the inside of any basement of a structure.

It can be conveniently applied and cured

Usually, when you are working with crack injection solutions, the entire repair situation will take around an hour and a half. At first, the cracks are being cleaned by professionals, after which only the solution is being injected into the cracks. As soon as the solution is being filled into the cracks, the solution will harden and will cure the crack thereafter in a couple of hours.

It is extremely strong

One of the main reasons why crack injection solutions are strong is because they are made from epoxy concrete repair resins. Thus they are very reliable and are certainly a permanent solution worth your trust. The reliability of the solution doesn’t alter with the type of crack. Crack solutions have the potential to join back concrete together something which cannot be done in polyurethane injection sealant thus improving your structure’s overall integrity. The resin injection is designed to provide not only a waterproof coating to the structure but also protect it from chemicals, insects, water, and even debris.

It is affordable

One of the most important reasons why concrete crack injections are employed is because they are quite simple to implement and may be used on any type of fracture in a structure.

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