Easy maintenance tips for your above ground pool

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Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Above Ground Pool

28 Jan 2021

Easy maintenance tips for your above ground pool

Compared to other pool installations, the above-ground pool is a popular choice because they are pretty affordable and easy to install. And you can build it in your backyard as well. Maintenance of this pool is a piece of cake than an in-ground pool if you know the right way. If you’re wondering how to fix a cloudy pool, or maybe you’re unsure of the pH levels you should try to maintain, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the tips to maintain the above-ground pool like a pro:

Water Circulation

Standing water produces odor, and it becomes a home for millions of microbes and germs. So, to keep the water clean, you should keep the water circulating in the pool. For this purpose, you can install a water pump that can rotate the water in different directions. If you want, you can use the brush to circulate the water manually.

Check the chlorine level

Normal Cl level for pool water is in the range of 2-5ppm, which is necessary to keep the water safe for usage. However, it never remains the same because of the chemicals that are released in the water, not to mention the changes due to usage. Sweat and natural chemicals of skin also change this chlorine level.  Hence, you should check the Cl-level daily and maintain it by using Cl pills for pools.

Check the pH of the water

Water-pH is another predominant thing that many people forget to check. The optimum pH is almost 7.5 for the pool-water. pH above this level or below 7.2 can affect the water-chemical balance. So, check the pH of the swimming pool regularly.

Clean the water

It is necessary to remove algae or unwanted particles from the pool water. You can clean the pool manually, or you can use a vacuum cleaner. Though the skimmer tries to collect different types of debris, it still leaves some particles behind.  So, you end up manually cleaning the pool. However, we know this is a pretty tiring process. If you want your work cut out for you, you can use gadgets like Aquabot pool cleaners to save time and energy.

Winterize it once a year

If you are not using your above-ground pool regularly, then it is advised to winterize your pool at least once before using it. Otherwise, it’ll become the favorite place for algae and fungi to grow. You can use winter kits and anti-freezing agents to clean the pipes and walls of the pool thoroughly. You can also put on a winter blanket to keep the pool safe.

Check the pressure of the pump

Maintaining an optimum pressure of 6-9 psi is recommended for the proper functioning of the pump. If it is below or above this level, then you should stop the pump. Remove the filters and clean them with care. Then put them back and use the technique of backwash to keep the pressure at the recommended level.

Easy maintenance tips for your above ground pool – Final Thoughts

These are some of the best tips to maintain the above-ground pool without a professional’s help. Just make sure to check the pH, Cl-level, and alkalinity of the water before using it after a long time.

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